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Diet Pills Help is a leading diet pills source of information. We help consumer by providing guides and unbiased information on the best diet pills available.

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Diet Plans
Mediterranean diet plan
Urging you to eat lots of plant foods and prefer monounsaturated fats over unhealthful ones, the Mediterranean diet plan is esteemed among the world’s best.
Diet Plans
Medifast diet plan
Medifast calls for a special weight loss eating plan, involves consuming five meal replacements and a meal of meat or fish and green vegetables everyday.
Diet Plans
South Beach Diet Plan
Developed by cardiologist Arthur Agatston, South Beach Diet Plan hit the ground running when it was introduced in his book The South Beach Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss.
Diet Plans
Weight Watchers Points Plus Diet Plan
Weight Watchers has laid to rest its old points scheme and brought out a new one: Points Plus.
Diet Plans
Created by Colorado bariatric surgeon Michael Snyder, FullBar simulates the effects of weight loss surgical procedures that shrink your belly, and is explained further in his book Full - A Life Without Dieting
Diet Plans
Eat fruits every two waking hours for three days and lose weight. This is the bait dangled before dieters by Jay Robb’s Fruit Flush Diet Plan.
Diet Plans
Fresh Diet Plan
Fresh Diet sends nutritious meals, prepared by professional chefs, right to your home.
Diet Plans
The Zone diet works to reduce your weight by apportioning your diet into a set ratio of 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein, and 30 percent fat.
Diet Plans
Eating slowly and in small portions, plus sensible recommendations of high-quality food, is dispensed in great detail in French Women Don't Get Fat Diet Plan by Mireille Guiliano.
Diet Plans
Dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner introduces the concept of a vegetarian diet that lets you eat meat on the side in the Flexitarian Diet Plan.
Diet Plans
Written by Dr. David Katz, Flavor Point Diet is an eating regimen touted as the first to utilize the science of flavors and their relationship with appetite.
Diet Plans
Liz Vaccariello and Cynthia Sass wrote Flat Belly Diet which promises to expel abdominal fat, yet does not require exercise.
Diet Plans
Dr. Smith’s Fat Smash Diet takes 90 days, at the end of which you will have drastically overhauled your attitude towards food and made regular physical activity as second nature.
Diet Plans
The Fast Food Diet by cardiologist Stephen Sinatra would teach you how to eat at fast food restaurants but still lose weight.
Diet Plans
Eco Atkins Diet Plan
Eco Atkins Diet, born of a study at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto is designed with the same principal as the Atkins diet, only that it uses protein from vegetable instead of meat.
Diet Plans
Tosca Reno has written The Eat-Clean Diet, which condemns preservatives, artificial ingredients, sugars, saturated fat, and trans fat.
Diet Plans
Dr. Michelle May’s book Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat claims that eating what you love can trim your weight.
Diet Plans
Penned by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding, Eat This Not That features photos of delicious food counterbalanced by counts of calories, fats, sugar, sodium, and carbohydrates.
Diet Plans
Begun in Australia in 1983 and taken to the US 2 years later, Jenny Craig consists of two weight loss programs - Jenny Craig centers and home-based program.
Diet Plans
Penned by Dr. Peter D'Adamo, Eat Right for Your Blood Type diet bids you to eat specific food in accordance with your blood type.
Diet Plans
Penned by Dr. Dean Ornish, Eat More, Weigh Less causes weight reduction through a unique combination of vegetarianism and physical activity.
Diet Plans
Written by French obesity physician Pierre Dukan, Jennifer Lopez and supermodel Giselle Bundchen have supposedly used The Dukan Diet to shave off weight after giving birth.
Diet Pills Comparisons
Phen375 and Forskolin Comparison
Comparison between 2 popular diet pills: Phen375 and Forskolin.
Diet Pills Comparisons
Phen375 and Fenterdren Comparison
Comparison between 2 popular diet pills: Phen375 and Fenterdren.

Top 5 Recommended Diet Pills

Phentemine375 Diet Pills

Phentemine375 Diet Pills Review

Manufactured under the FDA registered faculty, Phentemine375 diet pills are pharmacy grade weight loss diet pills that synthesize hormones and compounds in the body which decrease the body’s ability to store fat and increase the body’s ability to burn stored fat reserves.

Proactol Diet Pills Review

Clinically proven to reduce fat intake by nearly 30%, very few weight loss diet pills available without prescription are as effective as Proactol.

UniqueHoodia Diet Pills

UniqueHoodia Diet Pills Review

If you are looking for a real Hoodia diet pill then look no further, UniqueHoodia is one of the ONLY pure Hoodia diet pills online today.

Capsiplex Diet Pills

Capsiplex Diet Pills Review

Containing pepper, Capsiplex diet pills are clinically proven in studies to burn up to 278 more calories, that’s burning 12 times more calories!

Caralluma Actives Diet Pills

Caralluma Actives Diet Pills Review

Trusted in curbing hunger since the early 17th century, Caralluma Actives diet pills contain Caralluma Fimbriata, a patent protected and clinically proven to suppress the appetite, popular weight loss herb.