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It is human to desire an ideal weight. For this reason, people blindly welcome diet fads with arms wide open. They would just as soon drop these diets because they tend to become repetitive. It’s human nature too.

Concerns over the boringness of diets have led many people to create new ones through the years. One such eating regimen is the 17 Day Diet, which skirts monotony by alternating your daily caloric intake.

What is the 17 Day Diet?

Designed by Dr. Michael Moreno, the 17 Day Diet consists of four cycles. Each of the first three cycles lasts 17 days while the final one is for the long term.

For the first 17 days, known as “Accelerate,” you are to consume no more than 1,200 calories daily while avoiding fast-food, refined grains, sweets, and their sort. This is a cycle when your body should speed up its fat metabolic rate. At the end of this cycle, you must have reduced up to 15 pounds.

Cycle 2 is called “Activate,” wherein you take slightly more calories than earlier. In this cycle, you are to alternate between days when you consume 1,200 calories and those when you consume 300 more. Moreno believes that confounding metabolism this way would help you drop six pounds.

“Achieve,” the third cycle, calls for the inclusion of more healthy foods. It is a “stabilization period,” so to speak, when you may lose as much as three pounds.

Cycle 4 is when you presumably “Arrive” at your ideal weight. This is no longer a 17-day phase; “Arrive” should last for as long as you want to maintain your new found lightness. You are to eat as you did in the previous phases each week from now on. But on weekends, you may eat whatever you like.

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How the 17 Day Diet works

Initially the 17 Day Diet trains your body to burn, rather than store, fats as they are taken in. Its initial restrictions free the blood of sugar, consequently making the digestive tract healthier. After this, the 17 Day Diet rotates your calorie intake with the aim of boosting metabolism and preventing weight plateaus. “Calorie confusion” is the onus of the 17 Day Diet.

You must constantly keep tabs on your portions for the entirety of this diet. Make sure to eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day, and slurp 64 oz. of water every day. Chew your food well too. Although it may sound surprising, you should also avoid eating fruits for half the day; Moreno forbids eating them after 2 pm.

Just as importantly, you should perform 17-minute physical activities every day, preferably walking, for the first two cycles. Afterwards, you may exercise as much as 300 minutes each week.

When the 17 Day Diet finally gives you the body you want, you may concentrate on maintaining your weight. Should you fall off the wagon, do Cycle 2 and 3 all over again.

What you can eat in the 17 Day Diet

In the first cycle, lean protein and non-starchy vegetables hold court. Fat during this time should come from safe sources like olive oil. A few fruits and probiotic dairy products are also involved.

Cycle 2 requires basically the same kind of foods, but it limits fat to one serving. On top of them you may eat two servings of healthy carbohydrates, e.g. brown rice, bulgar, corn, legumes, and sweet potatoes.

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For Cycle 3, lessen the protein but add more fruits, fats, starches, and other healthy foods. Unconventionally enough, Moreno encourages you to imbibe alcoholic drinks during this phase.

If you think you have reached your weight objectives, then you are ready for Cycle 4, the maintenance phase. On weekdays hereafter, follow any of the meal plans in the first three cycles. On Saturdays and Sundays, “strategically cheat,” i.e. eat any meal you like, while taking care not to overindulge.

Moreno has penned the 17 Day Diet book, from which you may glean many recipes. You can also learn strategies from this book to help you stick with the diet in the long-term.

What dietitians say about the 17 Day Diet

Some fitness experts criticize the shaky science behind the 17 Day Diet. They say that metabolism cannot really respond to calorie confusion.

Experts are worried about the 17 Day Diet’s restriction on otherwise essential foods like fruits. If you can’t follow this diet to a T, you may as well cheat beyond strategically. Eat fruits any time and take vitamin-and-mineral supplements to make up for the nutritional deficiencies.


More studies have to be undertaken to establish the efficacy of the 17 Day Diet Plan. Shifting caloric intake seemingly does more to break repetitiveness than cause weight reduction.

To its credit, the 17-Day Diet has all the tenets of a great weight loss program. It upholds exercise, low calorie intake, avoidance of sugar, and so on while letting you eat foods you love once in a while.

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Your success rate with the 17 Day Diet may just increase if you follow its fundamental principles. For even better results, supplement this diet with an effective fat burning diet pill.

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