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With proponents like Eva Mendes and Jessica Simpson, the 5 Factor Diet has captured the imagination of the masses. They are asking themselves if this diet could work wonders to their bodies like it did to those celebrities. An answer to that question depends on your viewpoint.

If you were the incredulous type, you would have sniffed out yesterday the suspiciousness of the number of endorsements behind this diet. Aside from Mendes and Simpson, the likes of Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Kanye West, and Mandy Moore have hyped this diet to the stratosphere.

But if you were just a tad more open-minded, you would see the novelty of this weight loss solution. Some nutritionists consider the 5 Factor Diet to be a fresh take on nutritionally balanced eating. After all, it covers every food group and helps you change unhealthy eating behaviors.

Yet as the debate rages on, the situation becomes increasingly obvious. With the mileage it is getting from celebrities, the 5 Factor Diet is seriously making five-star rounds in Tinseltown and elsewhere.

What is the 5 Factor Diet?

This weight loss program is the gospel preached in the book The 5 Factor Diet, authored by Harley Pasternak, fitness trainer to the stars. As its name suggests, the 5 Factor Diet urges you to take five rather than three meals every day, each of which must encompass five food categories.

Every 5 Factor Diet meal must strike a balance between complex carbohydrates like vegetables and fruits; fiber like whole grains; fats like monounsaturated olive oil; fluids like water and sugar-free beverages; and protein like lean chicken, fish, and low-fat dairy. Not just that but every recipe in the meal must use five ingredients at most. Also, every recipe must only take five minutes each of preparation and cooking.

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In tandem with such a weight loss eating plan, the 5 Factor Diet recommends – surprise, surprise! – a five-day exercise program. Under this program, you should do 5-minute exercise routines five times a day.

How the 5 Factor Diet works

Harley Pasternak’s diet plan may just work because the foods it recommends have a low glycemic index. Such foods help stabilize the amount of insulin secreted in the body after eating.

Insulin has an important role to play in appetite. When its levels drop steeply, as made possible by food with a high glycemic index, insulin causes you to feel very hungry. The reverse is just as true. Consuming foods that chart low in the glycemic index normalizes insulin secretion, effectively reining in hunger.

However, merely monitoring insulin risks oversimplification of the issue. As far as weight loss is concerned, the Five Factor Diet fails to solve emotional overeating, the leading cause of obesity.

In a research conducted by researchers at Tufts University, weight loss does not necessarily vary with insulin levels in the body. Respondents who followed a low glycemic diet lost the same amount of weight in one year as those on a high glycemic diet. In fact, the researchers discovered a greater tendency to gain weight in respondents who had a low-glycemic diet.

Calorie reduction apparently signifies more than insulin monitoring. The study revealed respondents reduced up to eight percent of their weight after slashing calorie intake by 30 percent. Their results were the same regardless of their kind of glycemic diet.

Can the 5 Factor Diet work for you?

Diet review sites are all over the fact that the 5 Factor Diet is only fit for a pop star with a sizable bank account. The intentions are there in Pasternak’s book, but it seems to recommend expensive dishes. Nevertheless, the book includes easy-to-make home recipes for weight loss.

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One sticking point in the 5 Factor Diet remains, and that is the hassle of eating five times every day. By following the 5 Factor Diet, you must commit to eating meals every three or four hours.

Weary, some dieters have learned to fish out the most important aspects of the 5 Factor Diet and quit it entirely. When all is said and done, losing weight amounts to carefully minding how many calories go in and out your body. Pentagonal diet plans would never have anything on controlling meal portions; lowering your caloric intake; restricting your appetite; and taking the right diet pills all at the same time. You could be sure Jessica Simpson believes the same.

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