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Baby food diet planFor sheer curiosity, you may have wondered, at one point or the other in your adult life, how it feels like to eat baby nosh again.

You may even have tasted your infant’s food on the sly.

Tracy Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow’s fitness trainer, says you should eat baby food entirely if you want to get back the slimness you had at birth.

Fad or forever, Anderson’s Baby Food Diet is gaining a supporter or two by the moment.

She is also gaining a critic or two, unconvinced that her diet should amount to anything more than baby talk.

How the Baby Food Diet works

Baby foods are manufactured in controlled portions already, i.e. they come in relatively small jars. Typically, every jar of baby food contains anywhere between 15 and 100 calories. Anderson has theorized such foods, which are devoid of fat, would make you lose lots of weight.

You are not bound to get malnourished by this diet, for the simple fact that baby food is fortified with nutrients. Aside from fat, baby food is low in salt and sugar and completely free of fillers and additives. Some variants of baby food are even organic.

What you can eat in the Baby Food Diet

In the Baby Food Diet, you must replace a meal or two daily with diminutive jars of baby food. You may also choose to replace all your meals, or just trade snacks for them.

A Baby Food Diet plan for the day may go like this: Substitute 14 jars of baby food for breakfast and lunch, but eat a “normal” dinner. In another option, you may take a normal meal thrice a day as usual, but replace high-calorie, in-between meals or snacks with baby food.

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Anderson said little else in the way of rules. So far she has not instructed dieters as to the kind of baby food to eat. Above all, she has not mentioned for how long this diet should go on.

Even though Anderson is a fitness trainer, she does not recommend any companion exercises to the Baby Food Diet. Nor does she offer any strategies to maintain an ideal weight once you attain it.

Experts weigh in the Baby Food Diet Plan

Critics are laughing, some giving dieters one week before they dismiss the Baby Food Diet in rage.

Nutritionists reiterate that adults and infants differ in their nutritional needs. Adults need loads of calcium, fiber, and vitamin D, among other essential nutrients missing in baby food.

Granted, baby food may turn out to be nutritious, but there are chances you would end up binging, emptying too many jars for weight loss to occur. Chewing makes you feel full; Baby food, which is pureed and cannot be chewed, would only make you hungry for more.

Critics are not even sure if you would like how you eat baby food. People naturally love to chew, which you simply cannot do with mushy food.


If you want to go ahead with this diet, dietitians suggest stocking up on crunchy fruits like apples and low-calorie sweets. You would not compromise your fiber needs at the very least.

You are going to need all the motivation you can get to follow this diet to the last day, which is probably the end of time because Anderson does not mention when. Adults like you naturally want regular meals, to say nothing of the pleasure of chewing them.

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So you may as well chuck Ms. Anderson’s diet for something real and chewy. At the same time, invest in diet supplements clinically proven to be effective in instigating weight loss. Leave the baby food to the little ones.

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