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Fats are stubborn to eliminate from the belly. Often, a pot belly is always the last to go during a weight reduction program. But don’t go crying to the surgeon just yet; one diet claims to help you lose pound upon pound of pot belly fat.

Celebrity fitness trainer Jorge Cruise claims you can lose as much as nine pounds of abdominal fat. That is, if you just follow everything outlined in his new tome The Belly Fat Cure. Like the Atkins Diet, the Belly Fat Cure Plan virtually tells you to gorge on any food you crave, except that you follow a “carbohydrate swap” system.

Such dictum marks a drastic departure from what Cruise espoused in his previous publication The 3-Hour Diet: How Low-Carb Diets Make You Fat and Timing Makes You Thin. In that book, he advocated calorie counting and portion control just like any cookie-cutter nutritionist and dietitian. Now Cruise seems to have abandoned such sage nutritional wisdom.

How the Belly Fat Cure works

Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure diet hinges on the carb swap system. Under this regimen, the carbs in your diet must contain only a small amount of sugar. Specifically, limit sugar to 15 grams or less for every six servings of carbs. Each serving should have no more than 20 grams of carbohydrate.

Theoretically, the “carb swap” system works to stabilize levels of insulin, on which Cruise’s book blames abdominal weight gain. Cruise said sugary food adds to insulin levels, in turn boosting your adipocytes or fat cells. He also links high insulin levels to inflamed cells and decreased energy.

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With sugar as Enemy Number 1, the Belly Fat Cure puts fat and protein on a pedestal. Cruise is confident you would not stuff yourself with them because they quickly satisfy you.

Cruise does not stop there. He goes on to make exercise an option for losing weight. He only suggests it after you have lost your beer belly. Only then does Cruise encourage eight minutes of strength-training for your abs every day, plus some brisk walking.

His book also encourages getting a friend to motivate you to complete the Belly Fat Cure program.

What you can eat in the Belly Fat Cure Diet Plan

Generally, the Belly Fat Cure diet is rife with fats, protein, and vegetables. Conversely, it has little complex carbs and sugar. Even fruits are left off the equation, because of their natural sugar content. Nevertheless, this diet exempts beer, champagne, dark chocolate, and wine.

Here’s how a meal plan under the Belly Fat Cure diet looks like:

  • breakfast: three eggs, two slices of buttered toast
  • lunch: tuna salad, one pc. pita bread
  • dinner: grilled steak, sautéed vegetables, half a cup of brown rice

For in-between meals, you may snack on a cup of cottage cheese or a palm-ful of walnuts. In any case, the Belly Fat Cure encourages drinking at most ten glasses of water every day. Do not drink fruit juice and skim milk.

Cruise’s book has weekly meal plans for various eating practices, making the Belly Fat Cure equally healthy for carnivores and herbivores alike. It is also replete with recipes, just sans the calorie count. Likewise, the book holds many images of “belly bad” foods, many of which come from fastfood chains.

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In lieu of fruits, the Belly Fat Cure diet only recommends vegetables for your fiber, vitamin and mineral requirements. Blueberries and blackberries are exceptions though, and you can increase your fruit intake as you decrease your waistline.

Experts weigh in the Belly Fat Cure

Diet reviewers have really sharpened their knives for this one, many reckoning it too gimmicky. Dietitians and nutritionists think The Belly Fat Cure oversimplifies the bodily function of insulin. They also think it disregards years of knowledge, which never fail to show the benefits of calorie control and exercise. In fact, The Belly Fat Cure runs counter to Dietary Guidelines set by the American government alone.

It’s true that the Belly Fat Cure points out some researches to shore up its claims. But experts also point out how Cruise gravely misinterpreted these researches. They also note the absurdness of restricting fruits and dairy products, which are sources of calcium, fiber, and many essential nutrients. Also, they are worried by the Belly Fat Cure’s stress on eating fats and meats, large amounts of which may cause cardiovascular disease.


Simply put, Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure cannot trim your waist within the time span it promises. You may burn fats, but just not enough to make you fit in your dream jeans in a week.

This diet would be correct, however, to deter you from food with too much sugar. The book is also admirable for instructing readers to get into the habit of reading food labels. By learning how to check labels for sugar, you are only five minutes away from checking it for nutrients as well as harmful ingredients.

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Emphasizing a diet of meat while forbidding fruits and dairy, to say nothing of eliminating exercise, is very wrong though. If you want to trim your gut, then you must always take stock of your caloric intake; take effective diet pills; and take out your jogging shoes.

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