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As you know, Oprah Winfrey always takes note of her favorite things. For eating programs, she has taken a liking to the Best Life Diet, whose author, Bob Greene, has also become her favorite fitness trainer.

Only safe, effective diets could get the attention of the Queen of All Media. She has struggled with weight for many years and accordingly tried on a whole gamut of eating programs. Now she swears by the Best Life Diet.

But the Best Life Diet is a misnomer; Greene’s program is not so much a diet as a lifestyle, characterized by healthy food and regular exercise. Being so, the Best Life Diet is not designed as a quick fix for losing weight. It should make you lose weight slowly and healthily.

This program has a simple principle: Eat only what you can burn. For this reason, it motivates you to kick unhealthy habits and take up healthy ones in their place.

You may refer to Greene’s Best Life Diet book for specific instructions on how to go through the program. The Best Life Diet contains a wide range of menus and recipes for all fitness levels, eating practices, and lifestyles. It also contains many strategies to help you stay in the program in the long term. The Best Life Diet site offers additional tools plus a wide support system in the forum.

How the Best Life Diet works

Before you embark on the Best Life Diet, Greene lets you ask yourself:

  • Why am I overweight?
  • Why do I want to lose weight?
  • Why haven’t I been able to lose weight in the past?
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In answering those questions, you get to identify the habits and traits you must change in order to reduce weight.

Greene differs from other diet authors in that he designed the first phase of the Best Life Diet to be more liberal. Often, diets start out sternly, slapping you with a laundry list of forbidden fare. You will not find such severity in Phase 1 of the Best Life Diet, which even permits many tasty snacks.

In the Best Life Diet’s first phase, you must take care not to eat within two hours of bedtime, skip meals, and drink alcohol. Drink lots of water instead. Take a daily multivitamin supplement and, if possible, omega-3 fatty acid. All in all, this phase stretches on for a month (four weeks).

Phase 2 of the program is relatively stricter, urging you to rid your diet of six problem foods. It also asks you to weigh in every week and control portions. This phase is crucial for teaching you how to tell real, physical hunger apart from its false, emotional counterpart. Phase 2 should last at least four weeks.

Phase 3 is for life; you are to maintain a healthy weight by further removing certain food groups from your diet. Around this time, you may acquaint yourself with Greene’s “anything goes” calories, representing delicious foods eaten in moderation. However, you may only take “anything goes” food if you’ve exercised more often than you did in the past.

Greene’s program works because it does not encumber you with stern rules as other diets. You are assured of success with its slow but sure method to weight reduction.

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What you can eat in the Best Life Diet

With the Best Life Diet, you may eat a broad scope of foods even as you surrender your need for high-fat dairy, trans fats, soft drinks, ordinary pasta, and white bread. Alternatives to them include fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole-grain foods, etc. The Best Life Diet book has numerous meal plans for your consideration.

In spite of it all, the Best Life Diet does not instruct you to keep count of calories. You need only to manage the portions of your intake and track your food preferences.

You will never be confused as to what food you can eat in this diet. Many food products are marked with the Best Life Diet seal of approval.

Experts weigh in the Best Life Diet Plan

Grounded in science, the Best Life Diet offers a refreshing respite to diet fads with blown-up claims. Its suggestions conform to the 2005 Dietary Guidelines set by the USDA and HHS.

Most of all, the Best Life Diet has the approval of many registered dietitians, nutritionists and other fitness experts. They are relieved that such a program could be so flexible, realistic and effective all at once.

However, experts have waxed pessimistic about the very features that made Oprah Winfrey a fan of this diet. Its slow approach to weight loss may discourage many overweight individuals who are looking for quick fixes to losing weight. For them, fad diets may offer better weight loss solutions, notwithstanding their shortsightedness. They fail to understand that weight reduction is a gradual process, marked by realistic meal plans, flexible timing, and regular physical activity.

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Meanwhile, critics spurn the notion of buying products with Best Life Diet marks of approval. Dieters may forget that the nutrition label of a product is far more important to read than the brand.

While critics praise the exclusion of six perilous foods from the Best Life Diet, they also advise making a few concessions. They said some of the diet’s banned foods are permissible if you can compensate for them with corresponding changes.

For those interested in the Best Life Diet, you may prolong the first two phases until you attain your dream weight. Enter Phase 3 only if you think the weight is good for maintenance.


Oprah Winfrey only has to eat grass and everyone will follow. That is the extent of Oprah’s Midas touch, which has turned the Best Life Diet into a bestseller.

Yet you may judge the Best Life Diet on its own merits, even without the Oprah endorsement. This diet is strict enough such that you would lose weight and keep it off, but liberal enough as to let you eat delicious food.

Diets come and go but Oprah’s Best Life Diet is for keeps, especially if you follow it alongside proven to work diet supplements. If Oprah can do it, so can you.

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