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While calculating body mass index or BMI in adults is rather simple, it’s the complete opposite when it comes to calculating BMI in children. BMI calculations for children are a bit more challenging, if not complicated.

BMI Calculations For Children

Similar concepts are involved when computing for the BMIs of adults and of children except for the fact that with children, there is no specified range for children. In addition to this, sex and age are taken into consideration when it comes to children’s BMI calculations as opposed to that of adults.

Upon obtaining a child’s BMI, the computed figure will then be plotted on a specially designed growth chart that can determine on which category the child in question will be. Percentiles are determined first in order to properly categorize the child’s weight. This is exclusively done for BMI calculations for adults. Percentiles are categorized based on their specific numbers. Classifications or categories of each child are summarized into four particular groups. The children’s BMI numbers will be based in determining their corresponding categories. These four categories classifying the children’s body types are composed of being Underweight, Overweight, Obese, and having Healthy Weight.

Importance Of BMI Calculations For Children

BMI calculations in children are highly useful in terms of detecting possible obesity cases among children. It is a significant tool in identifying which among our children will most likely to develop weight problems. It has been recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics to make use of this idea on children beginning at their second year of age in order for us to have early detections of potential obesity or overweight victims among our children.

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A very good example of the importance of BMI calculations done with children is that whoever is most likely to develop problems with weight is identified at a much earlier time. As a result, any possible problems can be fixed and corrected immediately. Parents will also be able to know if they needed to adjust some of their child’s eating habits and lifestyle that may eventually lead to becoming overweight or worse, obese.

During their scheduled appointments with their pediatricians, children’s heights and weights are both monitored on a regularly basis. The obtained measurements will then be used to pinpoint the range percentile they belong in with the help of the BMI calculator.

As a person ages, there is a change happening in terms of the amount of his or her body fat. This is the main reason why the age factor is being highly considered when computing for the body mass index of children. Another is the gender factor. This is because the amount of a person’s body fat varies between the sexes. That is why male and female individuals generally have different amounts of body fat.

Special growth charts that are used in determining children’s body mass index or BMI by plotting the figures and verifying the percentiles in which the children rank. Such percentiles are based on the child’s sex and age. On the other hand, computing the body mass index in adults doesn’t call for the age and sex information of the person being measured.

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