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Nowadays, parents as well as professionals are on the hunt in finding the best tool in keeping our children from becoming overweight or worse, obese. In instances like this, body mass index (BMI) charts becomes very handy. BMI charts are special charts wherein children’s BMIs as well as their other unique measurements are plotted and manipulated with the purpose of categorizing their body type classifications. Another important use of the chart is that it can regularly monitor a child’s growth rate giving us the opportunity to track our children’s growth. With this, we can simply know or perceive if any of our children are at risk of becoming individuals suffering from obesity. If any detection have been made during a child’s early years, it would be easier for parents and maybe for some professionals as well to control the problem and prevent it while it is still not at its worst state as compared to when your child is already suffering from morbid obesity.

Determining BMI Charts For Children

BMI charts are used to determine a child’s body type category with the use of percentiles. Percentiles will be interpreted in categories based on the child’s particular body mass index computation. Computed BMIs are plotted on these specially designed charts specifically made for the determination of BMIs in children. This will be highly useful for us parents in tracking down any risks for our children’s health. Any child who is considered having a high risk of becoming obese or has already been tagged as one should not fret because there are numerous programs providing step by step guide on how to get back in tip top shape. Parents should not worry as well. The good thing here is that they have got the chance to learn the problem during their children’s early age, hence, giving them a higher probability of reversing the problem.

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Pediatricians make use of the BMI charts on kids in their two years of age and above. This is to regularly track the children’s growth rate. BMIs of children are plotted meticulously on the chart together with the other BMIs of other children. Percentiles are then ranked in order to check for the children’s overall percentile based on their own unique measurements.

Underweight children are also identified with the help of BMI charts. Some parents are not fully aware of how serious the effects are for underweight children or those who have weights that are below the computed average. More often than not, the negative effects of being underweight are just on the same level as those of being overweight even up to morbidly obese.

The formula for computing for the body mass index for children is rather practically the same that is used to compute for the body mass index of adults. The standard formula is to get the total body weight, convert it in pounds, and multiply it to a standard value, which is the number 703. Finally, the product is then divided by the person’s height in square inches. However, when the subject is pertaining to children, allowances are made for the child’s age and gender. This is because boys and girls generally have different amounts of body fat. Another thing is because the amount of body fat in children changes as they grow old.

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