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If you want to determine your level of body fat, a body mass index (BMI) weight calculator is what you need. BMI calculator is a very useful tool in measuring your body mass index or BMI. This BMI is the number you will need to determine your body fat level. Four unique categories are used in classifying BMI computations. These categories that are used to interpret BMIs include having a healthy weight, being underweight, being overweight, and lastly, being obese.

BMI Value Interpretations

A specific number range goes with each of the four categories for easy interpretations.

Underweight category includes individuals with body mass index of below 18.5.

You have normal weight and body type if your number falls within the number range of 18.5 to 24.9.

Those individuals who are somewhat overweight has body mass index falling between the numbers 25 and 29.9.

Lastly, if you’re body mass index computation gave you a number of at least 30 or more, then you are definitely suffering from obesity.

Computing BMI Formula

Using the BMI calculator is the easiest way of obtaining a person’s body mass index. Although this is true, some people still prefer the manual computation. To be able to do so, you should always have the standard formula at hand so you could compute for your body mass index value manually. We have two known formulas in computing for BMIs. The two formulas use metric and imperial units of measurements, respectively.

The metric unit of measurement for BMI has a formula of dividing a person’s weight in kilograms by the person’s height in square meters. On the other hand, a much simpler version of it uses the imperial formula in which you must multiply the person’s body weight in pounds with the standrad 703 and then divide the resulting product by the same person’s height in square inch. The two formulas seem different from each other but they produce the exact same number in the end.

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Weight Status Tool

A huge help provided by the BMI calculator is that it pinpoints any important information a person involved needs to know in terms of his or her weight status. Some people don’t realize that they are already suffering from mild obesity until they stumble into a BMI calculator. This tool will show them what they refuse to see in the aspect of how they look and how much they weigh. For some, becoming obese is so much of an issue even though they are way far from becoming one. This is where the calculator steps in. The BMI calculator will tell us the interpretations through computed numbers.

For adults, computing for body mass index is rather simple. No more additional multipliers and dividends as well as added considerations as in terms of age or sex. These two factors are only used when computing for children’s BMIs. Body mass index mainly detect body fat levels. In this note, it is also worthy of mentioning that some people may be tagged as overweight based on their BMIs just because they have more body fat than what is considered normal.

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