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Brazilian diet pills used to be a huge sensation in the weight loss industry. They were undoubtedly quite effective and fast-acting. Brands like Herbathin and Emagrece Sim used to fly off shelves – until authorities exposed them for what they are.

At first, you would be amazed by the astounding speed with which Brazilian herbal diet pills reduce weight. Then at some later point, you would have to confront the ugly truth: These drugs are virtually cocktails of controlled substances. One Brazilian diet pill contains as much as 17 dangerous chemical compounds. No less than the US Food and Drug Administration figured them out.

One of these compounds is chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride, which is used to make the anti-anxiety drug Librium. Chlordiazepoxide HCl is a benzodiazepine, an addictive kind of compound that leads to side effects.

Apart from chlordiazepoxide HCl, Brazilian diet supplements have fenproporex. The FDA does not approve the use of fenproporex for it can easily transmute into an amphetamine within the body. Medical examiners cannot tell fenproporex from an amphetamine in a drug screen, making Brazilian diet pills legally risky.

Moreover, Brazilian diet pills contain fluoxetine hydrochloride, otherwise known as the active ingredient in anti-depression medicine Prozac. As you might know, there’s a good reason why Prozac is a prescription drug. This anti-depression medication has, ironically, been linked to an increase in suicidal tendencies and other psychological conditions.

In view of this, the FDA has banned the sale of Brazilian diet tablets and capsules in the States. Other countries have also enacted the same measure. In countries where Brazilian diet pills are still legal, drug regulating agencies have advised consumers to take Brazilian diet pills cautiously.

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Hundreds of consumers have been taken in by this kind of weight loss products. Their overall healths are compromised as a result. Worse, they flunk drug tests, compromising their careers and businesses.

There are weight loss medicines that are not only effective but also safe. Brazilian diet pills are definitely not among them.

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