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There are many kinds of fats. Key to losing weight is reckoning which one of them is friend or foe.

“Yellow fat” is that enemy, “brown fat” the ally, claims top American plastic surgeon James Lyons. He claims the latter is the BFF you never had, holding lots of benefits to the body – like weight loss.

Don’t all kinds of fat make you gain weight? According to Dr. Lyons, it depends. If you take in yellow fat, you are likely to pack more calories in your body. If you take in brown fat, your body does the reverse, burning more calories to produce heat energy (thermogenesis). Yellow fat abounds in the body; the opposite is true for brown fat.

Dr. Lyons’ The Brown Fat Revolution: Trigger Your Body’s Good Fat to Lose Weight and Be Healthier would hopefully teach you how to overturn this disproportion and give you more brown fats. You had many brown fats at birth, but they have since been greatly depleted with age. This eating and exercise regimen would help you make up for lost brown fats, which would have otherwise accelerated your metabolic rate.

Brown Fat Revolution entails four weeks of managed intake, alternating between consumption of carbohydrates and proteins.  It also requires you to exercise every day for 20 minutes at least, with an emphasis on resistance training.

How the Brown Fat Revolution works

Lyons had an epiphany about Brown Fat Revolution in his practice. He said he had witnessed first-hand how exercise and diet can alter the fat under the skin, dramatically overhauling your physique.

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To get those precious brown fats back, you need to alternate your intake of carbs and proteins. Alternating those causes blood glucose levels to stabilize, preventing overeating and in turn averting the accumulation of yellow fat in the body. This is the perfect condition for brown fat to come around. The payoff: as much as 12 lbs. of lost weight in only four weeks.

Half the toil in following the Brown Fat Revolution is the physical activity. It places a great importance on weight training as to help you build muscle and thereby further increase brown fat. But the Brown Fat Revolution’s exercise aspect is not too strenuous. It encourages the use of lighter weights and bungee cords.

Do not look for a chapter about maintenance in The Brown Fat Revolution. Lyons says many things about following this program in the long term, but he falls short of suggesting tips to do so.

Lyons mentions his book has a bent to women, but men can also try the program.

What you can eat in the Brown Fat Revolution

For sure, you will be eating mostly carbohydrates and proteins in this diet. In this context, the best protein sources are lean meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, nuts, soy, and low fat dairy. The best carbohydrates rank low on the glycemic index and contain much fiber, e.g. vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains of course.

Alternate days you eat protein with days you eat carbs. This is the main strategy of the Brown Fat Revolution diet. At the same time, do not sacrifice variety. Keep your meals interesting, as in the following sample meals on a “protein day”:

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First meal: 1 protein, 1 carb

Second meal: 1 carb, 1 fruit

Third meal: 1 protein, 2 vegetables

Fourth meal: 1 fruit

Fifth meal: 1 protein, 2 vegetables

Sixth meal: 1 protein (option of fruit)

Eat six rather than three meals every day so your metabolism will not vacillate. Make sure to eat before and after exercise. Remember to control your portions, all while drinking plenty of healthy fluids. You may also take a daily supplement of vitamins and minerals.

You have a “choice day” every week, on which you may eat anything to your liking. However, you are expected to eat reasonably or within 2,000 calories only. Morning coffee and dinner wine are acceptable but you should entirely avoid processed goods or those made with preservatives, colorings, and other additives.

Experts weigh in the Brown Fat Revolution

Top American dietitians and nutritionists have shrunk from the difficulty of a diet on the scale of the Brown Fat Revolution. Aside from the diet’s caloric restrictiveness, they have also bemoaned the cycling of “protein and carb days,” which may account for a nutritional deficit. Brown Fat Revolution may not reach the recommended daily carb allowance of 120 grams.

Both protein and carbs have always been standard fare for in-between meals in many diets. Yet The Brown Fat Revolution only recommends carbs for snacks. This is yet another bone of contention for experts. Also, you may lose out on important vitamins and minerals in your scramble to set eating parameters. Experts urge you to take multivitamin/mineral supplements to compensate for your deficiency in these nutrients.

That said, some high-ranking dietitians commend the fitness workouts in the program. For them, the importance laid by Lyons on core muscle strengthening, alongside his motivational nuggets, is one of the Brown Fat Revolution’s more shining edges.

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Brown Fat Revolution is good insofar as it emphasizes a high-fiber, low-fat diet and a superior workout regimen. This program should complement middle-age women, who may feel a need to hold on to a more youthful appearance in spite of a busy schedule. Individuals who have found themselves on a weight loss plateau may also derive some benefit from the exhaustive fitness program.

But all that talk about brown fat scarcely hits its intended mark. There are not enough researches to bolster Lyons’ claims that brown fat levels increase from cycling carbs and protein. Brown fat is nonetheless truly beneficial. Only look beyond Lyons’ book for ways to have more of it.

As an exercise guide, The Brown Fat Revolution: Trigger Your Body’s Good Fat to Lose Weight and Be Healthier is a good book to start. However, if you want a sustainable diet to reduce weight and maintain it, you may happen upon superior alternatives. Whichever it is, consider taking a safe, effective diet pill like Phentemine375 for better results.

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