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Numerous diets have put carbohydrates in a bad light. They portray carbs as the enemy, something to be reduced, if not eliminated from your plate.

No idea could be more rubbish, according to the book The Carb Lovers Diet: Eat What You Love, Get Slim For Life by Ellen Kunes and Frances Largeman-Roth. This book vindicates carbohydrate, a nutrient overly denigrated by countless diets through time. It tells readers that you need carbs more than ever, both for energy and, if you eat the right one, weight loss.

Many fad diets have shot to fame at the expense of maligning carbs. In contrast, The Carb Lovers Diet cleans up the name of its eponymous nutrient. In turn, it propounds a new way to be nourished and reduce weight at the same time.

Tell this to the millions indoctrinated against eating carbs though. You would feel like you’re talking to an empty auditorium. Brainwashed by the media, people would not believe you straight away, which is unfortunate. Carbs, the right kind and in the right portion, may be your saving ticket out of the fat muck.

How the Carb Lovers Diet works

That “right carb” is called resistant starch. It is a kind of carb, which is resistant to digestion in the small intestine. Consequently, you would feel full in less time and burn lots of fats. Resistant starch can also stabilize blood glucose levels, enhance your metabolic rate, and suppress food cravings.

There are different kinds of resistant starch. Unfortunately, resistant starch is difficult to identify in food because it is never specified in nutrition labels and similar information.

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Most people in the US unwittingly consume 5 grams of this carb every day. But this is not enough. According to the book, you must be taking in anywhere between 15 and 20 grams of such starch daily.

Carb phobia, however, is an all-too real phenomenon clutching hold of the populace. Resultantly, many people lose out on fiber nourishment and weight loss benefits. Contrast that with losing as much as eight pounds from eating resistant starch in the 30-day Carb Lovers program.

This program begins with a detoxification procedure. Lasting for seven days, this phase of the program requires a daily caloric intake of 1,200 or four small meals. By the end of this phase, you will have shed six pounds. The next phase raises the calories to 1,600, spread in five small meals.

Creators of the program are optimistic you would feel full in spite of the restricted amount of food. Resistant starch is likely to be loaded with fiber, accelerating feelings of fullness. In addition, resistant starch normalizes sugar levels in the blood, nipping cravings in the bud.

What you can eat in the Carb Lovers Diet

This diet is notable for being inclusive of all food categories. No food groups are eliminated other than highly processed fare. Chocolates and chips are part of the Carb Lovers Diet so long as they are eaten moderately.

Every Carb Lovers meal features a “carb star” food, which is understood to be your main source of resistant starch. Have one every meal, such as beans, brown rice, green bananas, lentils, and oatmeal. In truth, the carb star must account for one-fourth of the meal, the rest from lean meat, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy.

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You have complete liberty in planning your meals; only take care to pile up on the resistant starch. Always mind your portion sizes and the moment you are straying from your calorie budget.

Once every seven days, have a reprieve of wine, beer, apple pie, or chocolate. Every day, take a multivitamin and calcium supplement, preferably 200 mg.

Choose from 75 recipes in The Carb Lovers Diet. The tome also contains tips on eating out, doing the grocery, and preparing frozen food. It also has pages devoted to physical activity and maintenance after achieving your dream weight.

Experts weigh in the Carb Lovers Diet

Carb Lovers Diet finds an adherent in the medical community, lamenting the ill repute acquired by carbs. The Institute of Medicine alone praises any diet that promotes eating of healthy carbs. This diet is not any different from the suggestions of the USDA Dietary Guidelines, minus the stress on resistant starch.

Dietary fiber is imperative for every person. Without carbs, you would have a nutritional deficit in fiber. In such a climate of dissent from carbs, dietitians and nutritionists are singing The Carb Lovers Diet’s praises. They are also positive such a diet would make you shed weight, due to its limited calories, managed portions, and wholesome food choices.

Above all, the Carb Lovers Diet has a strong scientific foundation. Resistant starch’s health benefits readily checks out with a good number of studies. This kind of starch has been proven to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. In other words, your body becomes less hungry than usual.

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This program would have been perfect except for the part where it limits intake to 1,200 calories a day. Dietitians say you should omit this phase of the diet and start with the 1,600-calorie stage immediately. They say the weight reduction you experience in the first phase is mostly fluid loss anyway – not healthy. Even 1,600 a day may not be enough for you if you are the type to burn calories through exercising every day.


While scientifically beneficial, resistant starch should not be seen as a cure-all to your weight problems. It will not burn fat away, unless you manage your caloric intake and exercise regularly.

But if you miss carbs after being weighed down by low-carb diets for so long, then Carb Lovers is in order. It will reintroduce you gradually to a world you never should have left.

With a diet supplement and regular exercise, you have essentially nothing to lose in this eating regimen. You would then find resistant starch irresistible while your body would gravitate to better health.

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