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People tend to think better days have passed, no matter what decade they are in. But some think the best days are prehistoric, in terms of people’s diet at least. In an age when every food imaginable can be processed, people have waxed nostalgic for diets of yore, when everything was organic by default.

Colorado State University teacher Loren Cordain has played on this nostalgia, penning a book declaring the world’s best diet to be primordial. Called The Paleo Diet, the book outlines the eating style of the Paleolithic man and expects you to follow suit.

Known also as the Caveman, Stone Age, or Warrior Diet, the Paleolithic Diet entails eating wild plants and animals as people did ten millennia ago. The rationale is that our bodies have not changed much from our Paleolithic lineage. They have not yet fully adapted to modern food.

Besides Cordain, the Caveman Diet has many other advocates who have written whole books about their passion. They raise many points, central of which is the inauspiciousness of the modern Western diet. Prehistoric communities did not have pandemic cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. Paleo Diet advocates like to chalk up such imperviousness to the kind of food prehistoric people had.

For them, the prehistoric diet fits humankind then as now. It has the right balance of nutrients for people to long lives and thwart killer diseases.

How the Caveman Diet works

Cordain said research trials have demonstrated that the Paleo Diet can decrease your susceptibility to cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. They have also associated the Paleo Diet with a reduction in acne and – wait for it – weight loss.

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This must be the case because people have always been hereditarily trained to eat as prehistoric persons do. The Paleo Diet bursts with fiber and lean protein, which can normalize levels of glucose (blood sugar) in the body.

Then again, Cordain expects you to eat like a caveman for only 80 percent of the time. Such frequency is adequate for you to optimize the health benefits of this diet. Cordain also expects you to follow this diet for two weeks at the minimum.

Like modern diets, the Paleo Diet requires its followers to exercise. You would not think hunters and gatherers were sedentary, passively waiting for food, after all. In those times, humankind did not clamor for gold or an iPad; they wanted nothing but food. Day in, day out, they constantly exerted strength in order to find nourishment and survive.

What you can eat in the Caveman Diet

Because this diet takes after a caveman, its food choices are ideally not raised, grown or harvested. Put another way, the diet suggests food that could be gathered, hunted or fished, i.e. berries, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, shellfish, roots, and nuts.

Resultantly, you can’t touch dairy, sugar, grains, potatoes, legumes, processed oils, and any agricultural product. Notwithstanding these foods’ benefits, Cordain insists our bodies are not yet genetically accustomed to such food, leading to cellular inflammation, which in turn leads to disease. Nevertheless, a few versions of the diet allow for concessions like processed oils from flax seed and olive.

Don’t despair if all the food you can find today have been cultivated or domesticated. For instance, wild game is not always at hand. In this view, eat agricultural produce, preferably the variety free of gluten. As much as possible, eat meat from animals that eat grass; fish caught in the wild; and organic plants. They are more in step with ancestral diet.

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Omit salt. Drink only water. If not, drink coconut water and organic tea. For sweets, you may treat yourself to pure honey and coconut palm sugar, but in moderation.

More extreme variations of the Paleo Diet urge you to fast occasionally and eat raw food. Some also ask you to avoid tomatoes, eggplants, and other nightshade vegetables.

Experts weigh in the Caveman Diet

In a modern world full of learned experts, the Caveman Diet is hounded by arguments. Experts argue that humankind has long adapted to dairy, legumes and grains. They generally do not have faith in a diet challenging the goodness of these three foods.

Legumes, whole grains, and low-fat dairy make you healthy because they are replete with nutrients. Studies showing the advantages of eating them overshadow those disparaging them, if any at all.

Even though it has more merits than the average American diet, the Caveman Diet has far better alternatives in terms of long-term advantage. The Caveman Diet also tends to get monotonous and impractical, given the cost of seeking wild food.


In an era of epidemic diseases, you cannot be faulted for wanting to return to better days. Once in a while, it is great to relive a time when sickness was relatively unheard of, when unprocessed food abounded far and wide.

Yet some of the best were yet to come even in those days. After the hunter and gatherer came the farmer. When humans learned to farm, they discovered even more nutritious food. Agriculture brought whole grains, low-fat dairy, and legumes to humankind.

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These foods have since been inseparable from our diet and should be. The Paleo or Caveman Diet just simply cannot discount them. They exist to satiate our nutritional emptiness, for better or worse.

Give the Caveman Diet a try for two weeks and take it from there. As a precaution, supplement yourself with calcium and vitamin D. If you want to drop even more weight, use fat burning pills during the regimen.

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