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At first, you may think weight loss and cookies should not be in the same sentence. Then you discover you should not have to sacrifice one for the other.

This has been the situation since 1975, when Florida obesity expert Dr. Sanford Siegal invented a cookie designed to help his patients shed pounds. The Cookie Diet was born and jars have never been the same since.

Several versions of this diet are being passed around today, the most widespread being the Smart for Life Diet and the Hollywood Cookie Diet, besides Dr. Siegal’s own program. Some cookie diets need to be carried out under medical oversight, while others can be done on your own.

One of the foremost reasons why dieters fall of the wagon is the temptation of sweets. But with the Cookie Diet, you have one less sweet to let go of.

How the Cookie Diet works

These diets do not use your grandma’s cookies though. They call for meal replacement cookies, which may be nowhere as tasty as grandma’s.

Meal replacement cookies are neither made with drugs nor do they have any magic formula. They are made with fiber and some amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Such compounds are digested slowly by the body, easily making you feel full and suppressing your hunger.

One such cookie only holds 90 to 150 calories. Six of these cookies would probably offer you 500 calories at most, just enough to replace your daytime meals. The plan is to replace your breakfast, lunch and snacks with these cookies.

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Now all you have to worry about is dinner. An ideal one must not exceed 1,000 calories or dip lower than 300. Adding the cookies, dinner would add up to the daily calorie allowance of 800 to 1,500.

If you are going to eat less than 1,200 calories a day, be sure to get a medical supervisor. Doctors would usually supplement a very low-calorie cookie diet with multivitamins. Alternatively, you may try the self-administered cookie diets, which recommend higher daily calorie levels, never descending beyond 1,400.

Lower-calorie cookie diets surely could not be that discouraging. Many dieters claim to lose as much as three pounds in just a week of following a medically supervised low-calorie cookie diet. Watching such amount of weight drop should be enough to prod anyone to follow this diet to the finish. Dieters say the diet gets better when you move past the crucial first two weeks.

What you can eat in the Cookie Diet

Nowadays meal replacement cookies come in even more flavors. Bestsellers include the chocolate chip meal replacement cookies, which taste good when put in the microwave. Other flavors include oatmeal, coconut, blueberry, and banana. Most cookies don’t need to be refrigerated.

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet specifies a healthy dinner as having four to six ounces of lean protein. It must also have vegetables, be it raw or steamed. A healthy dinner must only amount to 300 calories. His diet also specifies drinking eight glasses of zero-calorie tea or coffee, if not water, daily. He expressly forbids alcohol and fruits.

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As for the self-administered diets, you should consume cookies equivalent to 500 calories for the day. Their dinner suggestions are comparatively ambiguous, requiring only “sensible foods.” This is where your good judgment comes into play.

Experts weigh in the Cookie Diet

Five-hundred thousand people could not be wrong in taking Siegal’s word for this diet. This is the amount of people who have purportedly lost weight through his cookie eating plan.

Notwithstanding, experts have not relented in their rules insofar as balanced nutrition is concerned, not even for the doctor-invented Cookie Diet. Nutritionists recommend you to add more protein, whole grains, veggies, fruits, low-fat dairy, and healthy fats to a cookie diet dinner even if that means exceeding 300 calories.

Nutritionists also ask you to proceed with caution in severely low-calorie cookie diet plans. Such a cookie diet is likely to lack in vegetables, fruits, dairy, whole grains, and fiber, all of which should be a part of any nutritious eating program. If you are in dire need of this diet, talk with a licensed dietitian first.

In buying cookies, nutritionists encourage reading nutrition labels more exactingly. Check how much protein, fiber and carbs are present in one cookie.

But Siegal has insisted dieters must follow his plan as it is. He said any nutritional deficiency caused by his cookie diet plan can be offset by multivitamin supplements easily. He said a very low-calorie cookie diet is safe as long as you submit to doctor’s supervision.

Fitness experts may not excuse Siegal however, for failing to recommend physical activity alongside the Cookie Diet. Exercise must be omnipresent in all diets but the Cookie Diet completely snubs any suggestion.

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If you find it difficult to tame your inner Cookie Monster, then this eating plan is for you. Meal replacement cookies should help you drop pounds without compromising your sweet tooth.

This idea may sound enticing at first. But you may find yourself trying to ram cookies in your mouth instead of eating them as the weeks go by. As with most diets, the Cookie Diet can become very boring.

Diets are fruitless if you do not add some physical activity, which the Cookie Diet fails to suggest. In addition, the Cookie Diet does not provide any tactics to help you resume eating normally after losing weight.

Increase your intake of healthy food once you have achieved your goal weight through this diet. Ramp up your consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, and low fat-dairy. If possible, replace only one meal a day with cookies. Take a diet pill too, like Phen375, to further stimulate fat burning.

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