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Phen375 vs Didrex Comparison
From the pharmacy shelf, this one pill gazes at you from among many others. You are fat and in need of a miracle this instant, and this one pill offers you just that. Its name gawks at you: Didrex.


Sold only via a doctor’s prescription, Didrex is one of many short-term weight loss medicines vying for preeminence in the fitness industry. Most Americans, Canadians and Europeans can avail of this weight loss supplement, which works by fiddling the brain, i.e. acting as an appetite suppressant.

It has so many things going for it – only that it is a narcotic drug.

Didrex is benzphetamine, a kind of sympathomimetic amine. In other words, it stands on a level with amphetamines. As is the case with crystal meth, benzphetamine works up your nerves while decreasing your hunger. As a result, users of Didrex have increased heart rate and blood pressure, boosting their energy levels.

Because of its chemical composition, Didrex is strictly controlled as a “scheduled IV narcotic” by the Drug Enforcement Administration. The DEA confines Didrex use to obese individuals aged 19-64. In addition to that, users must have valid prescriptions from their doctors.

Carrying Didrex without a prescription places you in a legal fix as with any other illicit drug. Illegal possession of Didrex is a serious offense, propping you up against severe fines and penalties. Not only that but you would test positive for amphetamine use after taking Didrex.

Unless you have a legitimate prescription and a valid condition, medical examiners usually do not discriminate between users who take amphetamines and benzphetamines. You would be branded as an illegal drug user all the same.

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Even if you manage to defy the authorities, your body itself would consider taking Didrex as a heinous offense. There are scores of side effects associated with taking this weight loss supplement.

Doctors and healthy lifestyle advocates all warn against the many side effects of Didrex. It has one or more of the following effects: headaches, diarrhea, tachycardia, hypertension, heartburn, skin rashes, fainting, vomiting, nausea, arrhythmia, erratic blood pressure, fever, abdominal pain, insomnia, dry mouth, fatigue, dilating pupils, seizures, blurred vision, etc.

Worse, Didrex throws your nervous system for a loop, just like street drugs. Users are not unknown to develop hallucinations and times of manic-depression. Prolonged use may even lead to psychosis.

In addition, Didrex can exacerbate existing medical conditions and bring about new ones. The drug is known to aggravate symptoms of depression, coronary heart disease, brain disorder, kidney disorder, liver disorder, and allergies, among many others. Users also report becoming impotent after using Didrex.

Didrex can harm unborn babies and trigger congenital defects. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are urged not to take this medicine regardless of their weight.

When taken with other weight loss drugs, Didrex makes for a deadly combination. Certain combos may lead to pulmonary hypertension, a rare but lethal lung condition.

Equally, Didrex is known to react inauspiciously with many medicines, e.g. guanethidine, guanadrel, furazolidone, fenfluramine, and dexfenfluramine. It also reacts negatively with phenelzine and other MAOIs (monoamine oxidase inhibitors).

When taken with antacids, Didrex can be difficult to excrete from the body. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, e.g. methazolamide acetazolamide and dichlorphenamide, also have the same effect on Didrex.

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Lastly, Didrex is very addictive. You should never provide Didrex to a person with a record of illegal substance abuse, lest you want to infuse variety into their habits.

A Better Pill – Phentemine375

To anyone who has become acquainted Didrex’s disadvantages, it becomes hard to trust anti-obesity medicines in general. But cynicism becomes odd when there is in fact a standout in a multitude of dangerous medicines.

Phentemine375 is its name, a seeming antithesis to unsafe weight loss diet pills. It claims to be one hundred percent free of side effects, let alone legal drawbacks.

It works in a myriad ways. It increases your metabolic rate, suppresses appetite, increases natural thermogenic rate, burns a high amount of calories, increases glucose metabolism, and improves lean body mass.

Phen375 absolutely doesn’t have any legal implication. You can take Phen375 for as long as you feasibly can without fear of being incarcerated and charged with exorbitant fines.

You can also take this diet pill for as long as you can simply because it is produced under the watchful eye of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In fact, when Phen375 was first distributed across the US, thousands of consumers responded favorably to the product, saying they experienced no side effects whatsoever.

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By the sound of it, Phen375 truly is the fat burner in sync with a healthy lifestyle. Once you lost a pound through Phen375, it stays lost forever.

Then again, if you could look past through the cons of using Didrex, it is not the only standout in the market. Both these diet pills are just part of a greater healthy lifestyle plan that underscores exercise and a good diet. Adding Phen375 to the mix just makes a perfect triangle around health.

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