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Its name says it all.

Eat More, Weigh Less will make you just that. It causes weight reduction through a unique combination of vegetarianism and physical activity.

This diet tears itself apart from its peers insofar as its claims are concerned. Eat More, Weigh Less: Dr. Dean Ornish’s Life Choice Program for Losing Weight Safely While Eating Abundantly, the book, contains information easily comprehensible to lay persons. Its content never teeters on sounding too technical. Yet for all the simplicity of its language, the book has a very strong scientific basis.

Its credibility as a book can be attributed to its author, who is renowned for his successful treatments of heart disease. Eat More, Weigh Less is penned by Dr. Dean Ornish, the same man who has successfully developed a method of reversing heart blockages, which had been heretofore implausible without surgery. This diet is said to be an offshoot of that method.

How Eat More, Weigh Less works

Ornish says the metabolism of the modern human is still rudimentary. It is not any more advanced than that of the prehistoric human, who scarcely had access to food. Back then, the human body was trained to conserve energy. In turn, it was trained to hold on to fat as long as it could, just in case it runs out of energy. Civilization has since made food more available than ever to humankind. But the human body clearly has not caught up with civilization. Despite the wider access to food, it still does not know when to expend fat deposits for energy.

This is the reason why extremely low-calorie diets only lead to a plateau. If you consume fewer calories, the speed with which you burn them also decreases. At first, the weight would drop rapidly but after one week or so, the fat loss levels off. Such a plateau may only last a week if you’re lucky.

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Through his book, Ornish urges you to stop counting calories and follow his eat-all-you-can plan instead. He guarantees your metabolism would remain as it is anyway, if not accelerate.

If anything, you would lose weight from the plethora of fibrous food in the diet. Fibrous fare is known to hamper digestion, making you feel fuller than the same amount of other food. Meanwhile, complex carbohydrates, which are also abundant in the diet, cause your blood glucose levels to stabilize, further curbing hunger.

In line with the experts, Ornish places physical activity on a high pedestal. Eat More, Weigh Less encourages moderate exercise at least half an hour every day or one full hour thrice a week. Ornish hopes regular moderate exercise would accelerate your resting metabolism.

He does not stop there. He suggests periods of meditation, not necessarily as a way to lose weight but as a stress reliever. Meditation, according to Ornish, is like soul food. When your soul is full of it, you begin to need less of physical food. Alternatively, you may hold a massage, psychotherapy, or yoga session.

What you can eat in Eat More, Weigh Less

Eat More, Weigh Less underscores the consumption of food that is as rich in fiber as it is poor in fat. In other words, this regimen requires you to eat as vegetarians do.

It is not so much the amount of food as the kind you eat; Ornish does not believe in constantly counting calories or weighing fat grams. By just carefully selecting food, you are apt to get less than 10 percent of your calories from fat.

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Because this diet may make you crave for food a bit more frequently, Ornish suggests scattering small meals throughout the day. In this setup, you would get cloyed easily without raising your calorie level.

Eat More, Weigh Less requires indefinite amounts of fruits and vegetables to be eaten. You should eat as much as you want of all kinds of fruits except avocados; all kinds of vegetables; beans and legumes; and whole grains.

Conversely, his program bans commercially processed food, especially products containing more than 2 grams of fat for every serving. And since this program is vegetarian, any kind of meat is forbidden. If you can’t surrender meat completely, then at least consume it sparingly. Alcohol, olives, nuts, and seeds are equally banned. All kinds of fat (e.g. margarine, mayo, and butter) as well as sugar and its derivatives (e.g. corn syrup, honey, high-fructose syrup, and molasses) are all no-no.

Dairy products are permissible as long as they are the nonfat variety and eaten moderately. Nonfat yogurt, skimmed milk, nonfat cheese, and nonfat sour cream are okay. Other low to nonfat products, e.g. Entenmann’s desserts and Life Choice dinners, are permissible but also to a limited extent.

Experts weigh in Eat More, Weigh Less

Experts could cite several downsides to Eat More, Weigh Less, most of which is the difficulty of sustaining the program. The diet needs you to modify your eating styles in only a matter of days against clambering on to deep-seated habits. Seeing as it is vegetarian, the diet could also be off-putting to many who have adapted to Western eating styles.

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Yet another big downside of the diet is its restrictive nature with respect to fats. It seems that Dr. Ornish does not distinguish between bad fat and its healthy counterpart. There are unhealthy fats like trans fats and animal fats while there are good ones like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils, which may avert the very cardiovascular events Ornish is trying to prevent. The fat in fish, nuts, and seeds has also shown potential as a preventive of coronary heart disease, as numerous clinical tests and epidemiological researches reveal.

Experts concede, then again, that because the weight loss becomes manifest after two weeks at most, the diet can be self-rewarding. You would want to keep at it for a longer time because of the encouraging results.

Experts are also holding out hope that the man who could show a reversal of coronary blockage could also suggest a genuinely healthy diet. There is no question that Eat More, Weigh Less has good science shoring it up. Like Ornish’s methods, this diet can reverse heart blockages, manage diabetes and hypertension, and reduce the risk of cancer. If it does not make you lose weight, at least the diet would give you an awfully great health.


Meat lover as you probably are, you may be immediately discouraged by Eat More, Weigh Less. If you’re vegan or vegetarian though, then this program has been waiting for you since yesterday.

But whereas you may need to warm more towards a vegetarian diet, Eat More, Weigh Less has already gotten the approval of nutritionists and dietitians. Indeed, with a good diet supplement and a ready disposition on your part, there is no reason this diet could not live up to its name.

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