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As the title denotes, Eat Right for Your Type bids you to eat specific food in accordance with your blood type. Whether you are O, A, AB, or B, there has to be a kind of food suitable for you.

If you are following this diet with other people in the same household, then you may be in for a fix. Multiple people are bound to have different blood types, hence different food needs. Nevertheless, this diet is for you if you do not like to count calories that much.

This eating style is the gospel of the book Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight by Dr. Peter D’Adamo.

How Eat Right For Your Blood Type Diet Works

D’Adamo, who specializes in naturopathy, based his diet on the idea that blood types interact with the digestive tract in different ways. He also believes every blood type has a unique level of vulnerability to particular health conditions.

Therefore, food good for a blood type may not be for another. You must customize your diet according to your blood type. Each type has a unique way of digesting lectins or food proteins. Eat food compatible with your blood, lest you come down with bloating, inflammation, or even cancer.

In this view, foods may be categorized into three: highly beneficial, neutral, or avoid. Beneficial foods are more than sources of nourishment; they may hold healing properties for you. Conversely, foods to avoid are essentially toxic to your body. Neutral foods are just that: harmless foods.

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Whole wheat and wheat germ are just two examples of foods to avoid for type Os. D’Adamo likens type Os who eat them to people who fuel their car with the “wrong octane.”

What You Can Eat on Eat Right For Your Blood Type Diet

Your blood type determines which foods are allowable. So that you would remember which foods fit your type, D’Adamo uses mnemonics.

O is for “old,” i.e. the oldest blood type in humankind. This type is as old as prehistory, when the human metabolism was ill-fitted for whole grains, breads, and legumes. People did not discover how to make or grow them yet. If you’re this type, you must follow your ancestors and ignore the aforementioned food. Eat lean meats, fish and poultry. You must also be as physically fit as your ancestors.

In direct contrast, AB is the modern blood type. Having such, you would most likely revel in seafood, dairy, tofu, and most agricultural products. You probably have a sensitive digestive tract, which does not work well with poultry, pork or beef. You need calming and meditative exercises.

A is for “agrarian,” the blood type which humankind has evolved to have since it discovered farming. Grains, soy proteins, and organic vegetables, plus gentle physical activity, suit this type.

That leaves blood type B, which probably descends from the nomads. If you have this type, you have a high threshold of sensitivity to foods. You may enjoy nonfat dairy, meat, and agricultural products but must still avoid corn, lentils and wheat. You are urged to engage in moderate exercise.

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Experts weigh in Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet

Scientists could not account for the rationale behind Eat Right for Your Blood Type. There is neither demonstrable nor duplicable scientific theory to support D’Adamo’s reasoning. D’Adamo fails to explain, for example, how type Os can consume grains and still afford to be healthy. His theory that blood types have varying levels of susceptibility to particular diseases also faces universal doubt.

Scientists would not counsel you to follow this book. Everyone has different dietary needs, let alone tastes, regardless of blood type.

However, scientists are relieved this diet does not deprive all blood types of fruits and vegetables. From a general perspective, this is a quite healthy eating plan.


Do not be so desperate as to call this eating program very scientific. The link between blood type and digestive system sensitivity is still wanting of immense investigation. As yet, no known study could find a common denominator between weight loss and a diet tailor-made for a blood type. You may have better luck with an effective diet supplement in comparison.

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