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You’ve heard about diets that let you eat what you love – but one allowing fast-food meals? Too good to be true but The Fast Food Diet is for real.

Fast food fans and drive-through patrons, here is your vindication: The Fast Food Diet by cardiologist Stephen Sinatra. This book would teach you how to eat at fast food restaurants but still lose weight.

Sinatra does not think you have any choice anyway. It’s not that he does not want you to eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, nonfat dairy, and all that healthy stuff. It’s just that banning fast food from your diet is unrealistic.

Fast food is inescapable merely because it is convenient and undeniably delicious. Sinatra has made peace with this fact and wrote a book that would mitigate your deep-seated love affair with unhealthy food.

Dr. Sinatra’s The Fast Food Diet: Lose Weight and Feel Great Even If You’re Too Busy to Eat Right is your guide to making informed decisions whenever you stand before the fast food register. Read it to know the most nutritious, lowest-calorie items on the menus of almost all fast-food restaurants. Also read it to identify the healthy offerings by casual-dining restaurants, mall food courts, convenience stores, and airports.

How the Fast Food Diet works

Only order the fast food menu items suggested by the book, exercise every day, and that’s it. In more detail, eliminate 250 calories from your intake and walk a mile every day. With that, you can burn up to 500 calories daily, which translates into one pound of lost weight every week. Stay on the diet for a year and you would shed as much as 50 lbs.

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What you can eat on the Fast Food Diet

Hold up if you think this diet lets French fries off the hook. The catch is that you may not eat fried products in fast food restaurants. Graze on junior burgers, baked potatoes, fruit parfaits, and even grilled chicken sandwiches but not fried foods. This is Sinatra’s way of keeping you from unhealthy trans fats, whose known domain is the fast food kitchen.

Sinatra’s book is loaded with practical tips on how to reduce calories and fats without technically giving up your fast food trips. In one tip, pick vinaigrette instead of ranch to dress your salad; you would save as much as 130 calories. In another, eliminate the mayo and other sauces from your grilled chicken sandwich; save as much as 170 calories. Still in another, ditch the corn syrup-sweetened soda and buy seltzer with lemon; save 310 calories.

For good measure, The Fast Food Diet contains many recipes for you to whip up at home. Home-cooked meals need not be “slow food.” Sinatra’s recipes can be fixed as quickly as 15 minutes.

Experts weigh in the Fast Food Diet

Since fast food chains are impregnable institutions in society, The Fast Food Diet is a great way to mitigate their dominance. Experts see that Dr. Sinatra is teaching you how to adapt to the situation.

If you think about it, fast food is not as bad as it is portrayed by mainstream science. As long as you stay prudent about your selections and control your portions, eating fast food may just make you thinner.

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Some experts remark that Sinatra nailed it when he slammed sodas and sweetened drinks in his book. These beverages are loaded with vapid calories that you could easily save to shed weight.

Others also like the fact that the book has an ample but very doable physical activity component.

More often than not, a wholly fast food-based diet runs counter to that encouraged by the 2005 USDA Dietary Guidelines. You would always meet resistance if you try to reconcile the two.  In light of this, experts suggest you defer to The Fast Food Diet when deciding what to eat at fast food chains and other eateries. Then eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and not to forget, a fat binding pill like Proactol to counterbalance anything you ate there.

Strive to cook meals at home every week. Making home-cooked meals means you are in control of the ingredients. In other words, you can manage the amount of calories that go through your mouth.


You may not believe you would lose weight solely on a diet crammed with convenience food – but you are likely to eat it anyway. Since you would never abandon fast food in the near future, you might as well diminish its unhealthy impact.

Use The Fast Food Diet to ply through the deceptively healthy-looking menus of eateries. Be consistent in choosing the least unhealthy items while not forgetting the healthiness of home-prepared meals.

More than cause weight loss, The Fast Food Diet would set you on the right path to health. By becoming more aware of your options when eating out, you would cut your vulnerability to heart disease, diabetes and cancer, otherwise the upshots of unhealthy fast food choices.

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