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Have you ever watched Celebrity Fit Club on VH1? If so, Dr. Ian Smith should be no stranger to you.

Celebrity Fit Club is a reality show wherein out-of-shape celebrities outdo each other in shedding weight. Dr. Smith subjects each and one of them to his Fat Smash Diet, which he claims would trim and put them back on the road to Hollywood stardom.

Smith, as expected, fawns over his program. He claims it has helped his patients lose anywhere between less than a dozen and 200 lbs. Furthermore, he claims you stand to lose as much as 8 lbs. in the diet’s initial phase alone. Results, he assures, should be apparent in as early as nine days.

Fat Smash Diet is simple to follow, a low-calorie eating regimen with a relatively generous list of permissible foods. The companion book, named The Fat Smash Diet: The Last Diet You’ll Ever Need, contains over 50 recipes of healthy dishes, plus numerous tips to help you adopt healthier habits.

Smith believes the Fat Smash Diet is not difficult, unrealistic or agonizing. However, he offers a disclaimer to those wanting to be as celebrity-fit as those in the VH1 reality series. Fat Smash is not designed to be a quick fix. Rather, it is a way of life based on healthy eating and ample physical activity.

How the Fat Smash Diet works

Dr. Smith’s Fat Smash Diet takes 90 days, at the end of which you will have drastically overhauled your attitude towards food. By the end of the diet, you will have also made regular physical activity as second nature. Above all, you will have lost weight by the time you reach the fourth and last phase of the program.

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Fat Smash does not involve calorie counting at any phase. Smith simply instructs you to reassess your relationship with food, i.e. learn to deal with cravings, refrain from overeating, and strike a nutritional balance in your meals. For instance, if you find yourself craving for cookies, hold your hunger until you get your hands on some iced grapes or other fruits.

Each of the four Fat Smash Diet phases allows a long list of permissible as well as forbidden fare. You may consume sweets, coffee, wine, and beer but only to a very limited degree.

What you can eat on the Fat Smash Diet

Smith insists you do not count calories in his program. However, each recipe in the book comes with a calorie count.

In the first phase of the diet, called detoxification, you may eat anything raw, steamed, and grilled. You may also have 3 tbsp. of healthy fats, including 1-2 tsp. of olive oil, every day. Except for avocados and white potatoes, fruits and vegetables are unlimited. Tofu, beans, lentils, and chickpeas are also permissible. Also permissible, but in more limited amounts, are egg whites, low-fat yogurt, brown rice, low-fat milk, soy milk, tea, and oatmeal.

Lasting nine days, detox is the phase when you “smash” your cravings. It is intended to purify your digestive tract and force you to start ditching unhealthy habits. You are not permitted to skip meals during this phase. At the same time, you should eat four to five meals, even if you are not hungry. By the end of this phase, your calories will have dropped.

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Following this phase, embark on a three-week period of eating the same types of food, a phase called Foundation. You may finally start eating avocado, butter, cheese, club soda, coffee, diet soda, fish, fruit juice, granulated sugar, lean meat, lemonade, whole egg, whole-grain cereal, and zero-fat mayo. In any event, you must continue to eat meals 4-5 times a day.

After Foundation, you begin Construction, the third phase of the diet. It has the same rules as the first two but offers slightly bigger meal portions. For the first time you can eat sweets, bread, and pasta. This period lasts four weeks.

“Temple,” the last phase, refers to the body you should have achieved after successfully rolling through the first three phases. This phase is for life. Finally you can introduce wine, pizza, beer, and potatoes into your diet. But some things do not change, such as portion control and regular exercise. As before, you must not skip meals and make sure to eat four to five meals every day.

Experts weigh in the Fat Smash Diet

Dr. Smith’s book is simple enough to understand. It is also packed with enough recipes, medical information, and workout ideas to win over dieters.

Critics do not like that wine, coffee, sweets, and the like are banned early enough in the Fat Smash Diet. Some say there is no need to, for instance, limit coffee to 10 oz. every day, especially when you have always drunk it moderately.

They also dislike Smith’s insinuation that you should put off resistance training until the last phase. Smith believes cardiovascular exercise should be done first. This runs counter to common gym wisdom that resistance training may be jointly undertaken with cardiovascular activity.

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Other critics have minor complaints such as the use of the word “detox” in the first phase. They feel the word may be too abrasive for first-time dieters.

In general, dietitians and nutritionists approve the middle phases of the program. These phases encourage eating loads of healthy fare and exercising a lot, the addends of weight loss.


Because of its origins in reality TV, Fat Smash may appear like just one in a thousand gimmick diets. But cut it some slack and you would see that it suits not just washed-up Hollywood celebs but ordinary people like you. In fact, Smith recommends this diet to junk-food lovers.

Contrary to its depiction on reality TV, the Fat Smash Diet is more a plan for a healthy lifestyle than a solution for short-term weight loss. It does not just take 90 days. It takes a lifetime.

Let’s just say one who already follows a healthy diet and gets regular exercise does not lose any more weight than one on the Fat Smash Diet. Follow this diet and take a good and proven to work diet supplement and you may just become Grace Kelly-slim.

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