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If you’ve ever wondered how most Gallic women manage to be so très sexy, read no further than Mireille Guiliano’s French Women Don’t Get Fat – The Secret of Eating for Pleasure.

Guiliano, CEO of the world-famous champagne maker Veuve Clicquot, claims the way to a svelte figure is eating as her countrymen do. That is, slowly and in small portions. This advice, plus sensible recommendations of high-quality food, is dispensed in great detail in the book.

Guiliano should know. Returning home after years of study in the US, she realized she had been 20 pounds heavier than when she left. She got into shape again upon reverting to her former eating style.

That’s when she hit an epiphany. She has since believed that the large portion sizes in American gastronomy can wreak havoc on anyone’s figure. This and other realizations form the basis of her book.

Don’t expect this book to forbid Veuve Clicquot champagnes though. In fact, scarcely anything is banned by Guiliano. What she forbids are consuming large portions; missing meals; counting calories; and eating fast. She invites you to savor food with all five senses and take your time when dining, so that you would feel full from less.

Physical activity is incorporated into this program. The least you can do is to take plenty of walks. Moving is just a third of the formula for weight loss.

Take note: French Women Don’t Get Fat is not positioned by Guiliano as a quick fix. Lasting three months, the program is designed to reboot your “body’s dials,” in that the weight reduction you would experience is sure but slow.

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How French Women Don’t Get Fat works

French Women Don’t Get Fat’s most basic dictum is simply to slow down eating. Guiliano extols the benefits of deriving pleasure from slowly eating food, especially when it is delicious and taken around ambient surroundings.

If Guiliano were to let on, women in the US tend to eat on the run and do “speed eating.” On the flipside, Frenchwomen are supposed to be more relaxed when dining. One of life’s greatest pleasures for them is food, and this shows in the way they eat.

To become as thin as them, you must train yourself not to lose focus when eating. This means putting as much space as possible between you and your TV, book, gaming console, and other rivals for your attention. Be seated and chew food thoroughly and slowly. Taste, smell, see, feel, and hear your food.

Guiliano exaggeratingly said three bites are all you need to feel full.

What you can eat on the French Women Don’t Get Fat diet

For the first two days of the diet, you are to eat nothing but leek soup. Gradually you begin to add meat/fish, vegetables, and fruit to your diet. After this stage of the diet, you may resume eating foods you are fond of, only in reduced portions and frequency. You are strongly advised to imbibe lots of water every day to detoxify and hydrate your body.

Remember that no food is banned from this diet. Unlike other eating programs and diet books, Guiliano does not admonish you for eating chocolate, wine, and the much-maligned white bread. Enjoy them if you want to, but moderate your portions. For example, drink no more than a single glass of wine. Sate your sweet tooth with candy bars but don’t overeat. Persist in decreasing portion sizes until you realize you are eating less.

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If you find yourself indulging more than necessary, get some yogurt, stat. According to Guiliano, yogurt is the one of the most nutritious foods on earth. Frenchwomen eat it twice a day on average. The book contains a yogurt recipe you can whip up easily at home.

Vary your food choices and ascertain their healthfulness. Variety satisfies your appetite while monotony only hikes up your portions. Try new flavors and recipes for this purpose.

Monitor and evaluate the way you eat by writing on a food journal. With this, you can see which foods make for a surplus in your calories so you can make the proper amends.

Experts weigh in French Women Don’t Get Fat

In defense of American women, the American Dietetic Associations begs to disagree with this book’s claims. Frenchwomen are just as likely to gain weight as anyone on the planet. In fact, the ADA has the figures on obese Frenchwomen and they are not good.

Experts would also be quick to expose Guiliano’s wobbly credibility. The Veuve Clicquot executive is no doctor or medical professional. Her meanderings in the book are solely personal and based on her insights as a woman living in France.

They also criticize Guiliano’s overestimation of leeks. These vegetables do not have any special properties linked to weight reduction, scientists would say. Starting the program with this kind of fasting may only sow bad habits. Fasting with leek soup does not help in the long run because it is not nutrient-dense.

As for stick-thin Frenchwomen, critics offer an explanation. They claim many Frenchwomen smoke to pare down their appetite.

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Then again, many passages in French Women Don’t Get Fat hit the nail on the head. Experts would not argue with Guiliano on the benefits of walking, to say nothing of her recommendations for over-40 women to try resistance training.


You would love this eating regimen because it does not forbid your favorite foods. So long as you moderate your portions, any food is okay. The knowledge that you are free to eat anything would make you want to stick to this diet to the last month. Other diets are more boring in comparison, the reason why many people go back on their commitments.

Frenchwomen – or at least the sort Guiliano is familiar with – never deprive themselves of food, be it wine, food, or chocolate. Yet they take fat burning diet supplements and always keep their portions in check. Emulate them and you would be worthy to make the streets of Paris your personal runway.

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