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Fresh Diet PlanEven the best intentions amount to nothing when you are faced with school, work or business. Being busy always runs counter to any strong vow to lose weight.

Fresh Diet was founded in light of this fact. Zalmi Duchman started the company in Florida in 2005 to cater to busy bees who have no time to eat, let alone prepare, a healthy meal. Fresh Diet sends nutritious meals, prepared by professional chefs, right to your home.

Some clients are ready to testify to the tastiness of the meals. For this and other reasons, Fresh Diet is esteemed among America’s best fresh meal delivery services.

As it were, Fresh Diet meal plans take after The Zone Diet. Like the latter, Fresh Diet meals usually consist of 30 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrates, and 30 percent healthy fats. Duchman, however, is doing everything he can to veer from its precedent; now only 70 percent of Fresh Diet meals are compliant with Zone.

Your daily calorie allowance depends on the weight you’re aspiring for and the amount of exercise you currently get. With this in mind, Fresh Diet would supply you with three meals and two snacks (consisting of a sweet treat and hors d’oeuvre), equivalent to your calorie allotment for that day. Men often receive 1,600-1,800 calories’ worth of daily meals, while women get 1,200-1,400 calories. However, you may choose to ramp up your daily allowance up until 2,400 calories.

Meal plans can be tailor-made not only according to your calorie needs but also your food preferences. Fresh Diet offers alternatives for vegetarians and individuals with conditions, e.g. pregnancy, diabetes, allergies, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

You can be sure only the choicest ingredients and most impeccable cooking techniques are applied to prepare every Fresh Diet meal. Living up to its name, Fresh Diet does not deliver frozen meals.

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Fresh Diet’s executive chef runs the nutrition component of the program. So far the company has four kitchens in the US: Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Setting you back by at least $35 a day, meals are conveyed fresh in insulated containers to your doorstep every day except Saturday, between 7 pm and 6 am. Not everyone can be served; clients must reside within recognized delivery areas, usually in the vicinity of Fresh Diet’s kitchens. For example, the New York kitchen covers the areas of Boston, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Connecticut.

How the Fresh Diet works

“Fresh Diet” is a misnomer, actually. It is less a diet than a meal delivery system with no behavior-modification and fitness components. It has no diet book.

But there is no question the meals in the Fresh Diet program are highly nutritious for the lowness of their calories. They always contain health staples like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein.

Plans range from 31 days at the longest, seven days the shortest. There are also 14- and 21-day plans. Many customers choose to extend the program to two months at the least to achieve their goal weight.

Customers are free to make adjustments to their calorie allotments at any time, and make corresponding changes to their orders. Meals may be canceled within 48 hours of the delivery time. If you’re off to a vacation, the company can simply roll over your credits so you are not missing out on anything.

A concierge is on hand 24/7 to assist clients with any issues in their orders. You may contact the concierge or the nutritionist via a toll-free number emblazoned on the Fresh Diet website.

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What you can eat on the Fresh Diet

You may sum Fresh Diet program into two meal plans. There is the premium choice plan, which lets you specify as much “dislikes” – foods you don’t want included in your meals – as you want. This plan costs at least $45 a day. On the other hand, there’s the chef’s choice plan, which only lets you specify up to eight dislikes. This is Fresh Diet’s basic plan, costing at least $35 a day.

Whenever you log in to your account in the Fresh Diet site, you would be asked to use a tool for planning your daily meals. You have a choice of four entrees, six side dishes, three savory snacks, and three desserts, each item bearing a mouthwatering picture. The tool is designed to warn you when you have chosen too many carbohydrates over vegetables. Then again, the tool allows you to flout the system because you ultimately pull the strings.

Drinks are not included in the Fresh Diet program. Instead, you are encouraged to lap up water and other zero-calorie beverages in optimum amounts. On the flipside, you are advised to keep away from alcohol.

Daily sample menu:

  • Breakfast: jumbo lump crab meat omelet (with spinach, Portobello mushrooms, and fruit)
  • Lunch: grilled chicken pumpkin salad (w/ roasted sesame seeds, tomato, and lettuce)
  • Dinner: filet mignon (w/ jumbo asparagus spears and roasted sweet potatoes)
  • Snack 1: salmon and avocado salad in chicory leaves
  • Snack 2: oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (home-baked)

Experts weigh in on Fresh Diet

ADA (American Dietetic Association) offers plaudits for the Fresh Diet. They think it is an innovative way to cater to busy individuals, who are otherwise ready to invest in their health. The meals are infallibly nutrient-dense and portion-controlled.

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Dietitians advise against imbibing calorie-laced drinks and consuming foods outside those prepared by Fresh Diet chefs. They also urge you to use the time you’ve saved from preparing meals to move. Physical activity is important to any weight loss eating program, yet it is sorely lacking in the Fresh Diet system. Then again, Fresh Diet does not have a companion book like other eating regimens.

Remember the sizes of your portions and the kinds of foods in your Fresh Diet meals. Continue to follow them after you’re done with your Fresh Diet subscription. Even better: Talk to a licensed dietitian after the program so he/she can develop an even more personalized diet for you.


Fresh Diet is undeniably pricey for the average consumer. A month on the program may set you back by $1,395. But next to the amount you spend for restaurant meals and groceries, Fresh Diet looks comparatively cheap.

This program may be worth your hard-earned savings. Fresh Diet is a good investment, nourishing you with nutritionally balanced meals while maintaining your sky-high productivity at school or work. Unless you’re filthy wealthy however, the whole family may not find it practical to subscribe all at once to the Fresh Diet.

Add a physical activity component to the Fresh Diet because it is the one thing lacking in the program. You may even use a weight loss supplement, provided it is safe and effective like Phen375 or Proactol.

Don’t let your health gains end with your Fresh Diet plan. Use your months on the program to develop healthy habits for life. This program is a great way to train yourself to control portions and pick the right foods. More than anything, it is a great way to realize that healthy food need not taste bland.

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