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Premise is simple: Eat fruits every two waking hours for three days and lose weight. This is the bait dangled before dieters by Jay Robb’s Fruit Flush 3 Day Detox.

His Fruit Flush Diet pledges to take 9 to 10 pounds off your weight by stuffing you with fruits. Robb believes that by eating nothing but fruits, plus some lean protein and vegetables, for 36 hours, your body would burn more fats than usual while preserving your muscle mass.

Since it is limited to three food groups, Fruit Flush Diet may “relieve” your digestive system of the burden of absorbing too many kinds of food. More importantly, this diet can detoxify your body, fruit being a natural detoxifier. As Robb would claim, the fiber, nutrients, and water in fruit can effectively liquefy accumulated toxins in your body and expel them. Eating fruits, then, would compensate for a diet filled with processed fare, preservatives, additives, alcohol, junk food, etc.

Fruit Flush diet should not be confused with Robb’s other creation, the Fruit Diet. The latter lasts 14 days, giving you a bit more calories. It is virtually an “accelerated” version of Fruit Flush.

How the Fruit Flush Diet works

Step 1: Drink nothing but protein powder concoction on the first day.

Step 2: Eat fresh fruit every two waking hours until dinner for the next 48 hours. For dinner in those two days, eat raw vegetables and small portions of lean protein, alternatively a protein shake.

Fruit Flush should equip you with 900 to 1,000 calories for each of those three days. Relative to the kind of protein powder, you should be able to take in anywhere between 100 and 125 g protein on the first day, 50 g on the succeeding days.

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Robb rationalizes his eating plan by emphasizing the healthfulness of eating fruits and vegetables. They supposedly flush toxins out of the body and compel it to switch to its fat-burning mode. Consuming fruit in two-hour intervals can normalize your glucose levels, he further claims.

Robb encourages you to do the Fruit Flush Diet twice a month; once a week for 12 weeks; or whenever you feel like doing so. Upon completing the Fruit Flush regimen, start a higher-calorie but nutrient-rich diet of natural foods.

Physical activity is not advisable to do while on the Fruit Flush Diet. The stumpy calorie levels of the diet would not be commensurate with the body’s energy needs during exercise. Only exercise after you’ve finished the three-day diet and switched to a larger intake.

What you can eat on the Fruit Flush Diet

Only fresh fruit, raw vegetables, lean protein, and protein drinks are approved for this diet. Avoid anything else, from otherwise healthy whole grains to unhealthy sweets to milk to alcohol.

Keep in mind that for protein supplements, avoid those with artificial flavors/colors. Also, do not get those with ingredients like acesulfame-k, acesulfame potassium, aspartame, calcium caseinate, casein, evaporated cane juice, fructose, sodium caseinate, sucralose, sucrose, and sugar.

On your first day, drink a 6-ounce protein drink around 8 am. Repeat every two hours until 4 pm. Take your dinner a few hours later. As a sample, your dinner may consist of 3-6 cups of raw vegetable salad, using 1-2 tbsp. of flaxseed oil; half an avocado; half a lemon; and 3-6 oz. egg whites. Remember to wash everything down with 8-12 oz. of water.

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On the second and third day, eat a serving of fresh fruit in two-hour intervals from 8 am to 4 pm, the calories totaling 100. Make sure to drink 8-12 oz. water during this time. Dinner may be composed of one protein shake; 3-6 cups raw vegetable salad, using 1-2 tbsp. olive oil; half an avocado; and half a lime.

Experts weigh in the Flush Fruit Diet

Even though fruits are perfect foods, they do not hold all the nutrients in the world. As such, the Flush Fruit Diet lacks vitamins D and B12, fatty acids, calcium, and riboflavin, among others.

Registered dietitians would rather you eat a hodgepodge of foods. They find it absurd Robb would think the digestive tract is taxed by handling a wide array of food groups all at once. Unless you have a digestive condition, your body can handle many kinds of edible fare well.

In line with this, experts debunk the idea that fruits are imperative for detoxifying the body. Your liver, colon, and kidneys are perfectly capable of this function on their own. Moreover, there is scant proof that fruits can naturally dissolve toxins in the body.

Experts worry that the Fruit Flush Diet would establish negative notions about fruits. To some, Robb is degrading superlative foods like fruits and veggies into “punishments.” As a result, people may cast them out from their normal diet once the three days are over. Also, the diet is implying only raw vegetables and fruits are the most healthy.

Losing weight with the Fruit Flush Diet can be a foregone conclusion, and it’s not because it flushes out toxic material from the body. The diet can help you reduce weight simply because it is very short in calories. This leads experts to suspect the weight loss may be mostly water.

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Robb himself admits half of the weight loss you would experience from the three-day regimen is mostly water. But you would still lose more weight, albeit in a roundabout way, he says: The rapid weight reduction should motivate you to extend the diet.

In the end, experts have darts to throw at Robb for not being a licensed dietitian. He is a certified clinical nutritionist who doubles as a fitness trainer.


Since it entails only a few days, the very low-calorie Fruit Flush Diet should not cause any adverse effects. Besides, it features sufficient protein and some good fats.

Compared to its equals, the Fruit Flush Diet is probably the safest. Compared to every other diet however, it just can’t hold a candle, factoring in the total health risks.

If you really must get into the three-day grind of Fruit Flush, take in an appetite suppressor supplement on the sly so that you won’t feel hungry. Always check your protein intake and ensure it does not descend beyond 50 g. Talk with a nutritionist or dietitian for their two cents on this diet in the context of your nutritional needs.

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