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FullBars are food products made of high-fiber grains, which swell in your stomach, making you feel fuller than otherwise. However, they are intended to be in-between meals, rather than as breakfast, lunch or dinner replacements.

Created by Colorado bariatric surgeon Michael Snyder, FullBar simulates the effects of weight loss surgical procedures that shrink your belly, and is explained further in his book Full – A Life Without Dieting. Since you would feel full from FullBars, you would eat smaller portions of your meals, hence weight loss. Eating a FullBar and washing it down with 8 ounces of water would help you eat less in your next meal.

One FullBar offers anywhere between 150 and 180 calories, with no chemical appetite suppressants. It contains anywhere from 4 to 5 g fiber; 1 and 4.5 g fat; and 5 and 7 g protein. It comes in six flavors, e.g. cocoa chip and cranberry almond. Each bar costs around $1.30.

FullBar also comes in liquid form, called AquaFull. Snyder also developed a range of savory, low-calorie snack foods called FullBites.

How FullBar works

After eating a FullBar, you should guzzle a glass of water. H2O blows up the fibrous wheat in the stomach. In 30 minutes, the nerves in the stomach would signal to the brain that you are feeling full.

In so doing, FullBar would make you feel less ravenous and cuts back your appetite. Snyder recommends his creations for anyone looking to maintain or lose their weight, whether for the long or short term.

FullBars work best if you’re sensitive to your fullness cues, i.e. you know when you’re hungry or not. But if you’re indifferent, no amount of FullBars can make you shed weight. In fact, combining meals in normal portions with FullBars may give you an extra 2,500 calories every week. For this reason, the FullBar official site gives you a tool to measure your hunger on a scale of 1 to 10.

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Snyder does not require you to exercise but he highly encourages it alongside eating FullBars.

What you can eat with FullBar

FullBar’s official site does not recommend any particular food. Just remember to take in your FullBar half an hour prior to the two largest meals of the day. Drink 8 oz water right after taking FullBar.

Snyder personally urges you to choose lean protein, fruits, veggies, fiber-rich carbs, and low-fat dairy – “real foods” as he would call it. Gulp lots of water while minimizing your intake of sweetened drinks.

Snyder would rather you eat five to six small meals every day rather than three large ones. Those who do improve their glucose levels, giving them greater control over their caloric intake. But this is not what’s happening: People tend to miss breakfast and lunch, then stuff themselves full at supper.

Eat small meals and two FullBars every day to help you eat within reason. You should be able to reduce weight this way, but only if your meals consist of low-calorie, nutrient-dense items. You would only be cheating yourself, for example, if you eat lots of cream-filled donuts in your FullBar diet.

Experts weigh in FullBar

While FullBars are undoubtedly handier, some real foods offer the same low amount of calories, experts contend. They are also higher in fiber than FullBars but sell for far less.

For example, one slice of toasted whole-wheat bread with peanut butter can blunt your appetite as much as a FullBar. In addition, research shows that a bowl of veggie soup or green salad may help you eat less during meals.

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Whether or not you eat FullBars, dietitians and nutritionists guard against missing meals. Skipping them only exacerbates your hunger. When you finally sit down for one, eat slowly so you become more conscious of when you feel full. Also try eating smaller, more frequent meals instead of three, large meals.

Ensure your meals include fiber, lean protein, and good fat. Drink plenty of H2O because you cannot always differentiate thirst from hunger.

Integrate physical activity into your daily routine. Indeed, experts hope Snyder would build a full-on program around FullBars, one that trains you to pair diet with physical activity.


FullBars win only because of their portability. They are relatively sugary but they make up for it with their high-fiber content. They are very convenient ways to pare your appetite.

But do not depend on FullBars to entirely sweep away your appetite. They would come for naught if your meals are still like any other, high in calories and low in fiber.

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