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Jenny Craig is simply one of the most famous diets in the world. It is a three-tier method to help you lose and maintain weight.

Begun in Australia in 1983 and taken to the US two years later, Jenny Craig consists of two weight loss programs. One revolves around Jenny Craig centers, of which there are more than 650 across America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico. The other program is home-based. You need not go to a physical center to learn how to shed weight.

There are three levels to each Jenny Craig program. The first trains you to eat what you want but in smaller, more frequent portions. The second trains you to get moving and raise your energy levels. The third trains you to make changes to your attitude and behavior so you can maintain weight reduction and a nutritionally balanced diet.

Jenny Craig offers 24/7 support via telephone. You may also get support online or avail of the wide variety of printed Jenny Craig paraphernalia.

How the Jenny Craig Diet Plan works

A Jenny Craig program is not designed for life. It is a basically come-and-go approach to weight loss, but you should exit from it with enough know-how to live a healthy lifestyle.

To start a Jenny Craig program, you either need to visit a physical center or get in touch with the call center. You can avail of different types of membership. For special offers, visit the Jenny Craig official site.

Whatever membership you choose, you’ll find that the Jenny Craig method focuses on three elements. These are food, body and mind.

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In food, you are taught how to control portions and plan menus. You are also taught how to avoid temptations when dining out at restaurants.

In body, you are told to become more physically active to increase your weight loss dividends. Jenny Craig counselors would help you assess how active you are. They would also help you identify the impediments to physical activity so you can adapt correspondingly.

Mind involves infusing more positive vibes into your life. Get support from people you trust and who root for you, including other Jenny Craig clients. Life-affirming motivation makes all the difference to successful weight loss.

What you can eat on the Jenny Craig Diet Plan

Jenny Craig does not just tell you what to eat. It prepares the food it recommends.

Jenny Craig specialists plan a menu for a client according to his/her vital statistics and weight loss objectives. Every menu ensures balance of nutrients and portion moderation.

Expect mostly frozen meals from Jenny Craig. Fortunately, they are aligned with 2005 USDA Dietary Guidelines and Food Pyramid. Carbohydrates usually account for 50-60 percent of Jenny Craig foods; protein, 20-25 percent; and fat, 20-25 percent. You are expected to add your own fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products to their offerings.

Ironically, Jenny Craig’s mission is to ultimately sever you from prepackaged meals. The meals they prepare for you only function as examples, which you should emulate later on. As you become more accustomed to the Jenny Craig diet, you can make more informed decisions when preparing your own meals or dining out.

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Know that no food is illicit at Jenny Craig. Have anything you want. One of the most basic tenets of the Jenny Craig method is not to deny you what you crave. The counselors would just educate you about foods you need to eat moderately. Usually these are foods loaded with fats and calories. Just as well, they would teach you which foods can be eaten liberally, like whole fruits and non-starchy vegetables.

Experts weigh in Jenny Craig Diet Plan

Jenny Craig has received kudos for educating thousands about the value of portion control. Not a few think the habits it instills in its clients last for a lifetime.

However, experts have skewered the method of using prepackaged foods to orient clients about portion control. Jenny Craig portions can be legendarily diminutive. Once you stop receiving pre-packed meals, you tend to be at a loss where to find the ordinary equivalent. Most ordinary foods come in bigger portions.

Many people are also of the opinion that Jenny Craig meals all taste the same. This hinders your desire to lose weight because you could not draw satisfaction from healthy food. Once you exit Jenny Craig, you would find it difficult to copy the meals.

Experts are also worried you have little say over your food preferences in Jenny Craig. You are faced with a restricted assortment of menu items to choose from.

Plus, Jenny Craig’s support crew members are not professional nutritionists.


Jenny Craig may just be the best friend you never had. Rapid weight loss can be had through this program.

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To get the most out of the Jenny Craig, maximize the time you have with the counselors. They can steer you in the turning point between eating prepackaged food and planning and preparing your own meals. Bind everything with a hefty dose of commitment and proven to work diet pills, and Jenny Craig could just give you real value for your hard-won money.

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