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Medifast diet planMedifast refers to a line of meal replacements created more than 27 years ago. At first they were available only through doctors but now they are everywhere. You have a choice of more than 70 Medifast products today, including the in-demand shakes.

Medifast calls for a special weight loss eating plan, one low in carbohydrates and high in protein. “5 plus 1,” Medifast’s most basic plan, involves consuming five meal replacements every day. The “plus one” refers to a “lean, green” meal of meat or fish and green vegetables, which you must eat on top of the five meal replacements.

This plan limits your caloric intake between 800 and 1,000 daily. Vegetarians, pregnant/breastfeeding mothers, teenagers, seniors, gout patients, and people who recently underwent weight loss surgery may opt for the special menu plans.

You stand to drop around 2-5 pounds every week on Medifast diet plans. The amount of reduction depends on the phase of the program as well as your present weight, and fitness level. Usually, weight loss is faster in the program’s first weeks.

These meal replacement products are sold in Medifast offices and approximately 15,000 doctor’s clinics all over America. They are also available through the official website and Medifast’s subsidiary, Take Shape for Life.

Medifast products would set you back around $80 a week or roughly $300 a month, which does not take into account the “lean, green” meals you prepare yourself. That said, Medifast plans do not require supplements so spend no more.

You may avail of Medifast’s assortment of support services and learning paraphernalia, which you can get over the phone, online, or in person. Medifast offers registered dietitians, personal trainers, exercise guidebooks, nutrition literature, and online communities.

How the Medifast Diet Plan works

On a Medifast diet, you should be taking in a high-protein meal every few hours. This rate serves to regulate your blood glucose levels, curb hunger, and burn fat while preserving your lean mass.

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Upon attaining your weight goal, you must allow yourself a period of “transition to maintenance.” It should last anywhere from four to 16 weeks, depending on the amount of weight you lost. During this time, gradually resume eating fruits, starchy vegetables, dairy foods, whole grains, and additional lean meat. This phase is designed to make you accustomed to consuming more calories again even as you control portions and try new, healthier foods.

Under the Medifast program, you should be doing mild to moderate physical activity. But refrain from engaging in abnormal levels of physical activity in the first few weeks of the program. At this point, your energy levels may be reduced because of the lesser carbohydrate intake. Only increase exercise after three weeks on the program. In the transition-maintenance phase, you can do physical activity at least five days a week.

Reducing weight equals cutting back on your caloric intake; it’s that simple an equation. The Medifast diet can help you lose weight simply because it severely reduces calories. However, the company claims their products would not make you hungry. They are purportedly formulated for the highest fullness index, a measure of calories, fiber, and protein.

Even so, you may find it difficult to get used to the low calorie level entailed by a Medifast plan. As the company itself warns, you may feel hungry, fatigued, or irritable and experience headaches and lightheadedness until you reach your body’s “fat-burning state.”

What you can eat on the Medifast Diet Plan

Select five meal replacements daily from Medifast’s range of shakes, puddings, oatmeals, bars, soups, etc. These products usually have a base of whey protein, explaining why you may feel satisfied from them in lieu of whole meals. In addition to these five meal replacements, prepare and eat one “lean and green meal,” composed of animal protein and vegetables.

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For this one meal every day, you are limited to 5-7 ounces of fish or meat, which Medifast classifies into “lean,” “leaner,” and “leanest.” “Lean” protein means it has no additional fat serving while “leaner” has one. “Leanest” means two additional fat servings. In any case, you may eat animal protein baked, grilled, boiled, poached, or broiled.

In the same way, vegetables are categorized according to their carbohydrate content. Avoid those ones loaded the most with carbs such as corn, carrots, peas, onions, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts. On the whole, carbs are restricted to 80-85 grams daily until you begin the transition-maintenance phase. Steam, grill, bake, or boil three servings of allowed vegetables and add it to the lean meat or fish to complete the “lean, green” meal.

As an option, you may snack on celery stalks and dill pickle spears. Other allowed indulgences include sugar-free versions of gelatins, gums, and popsicles.

Have 64 oz of non-caloric drinks every day. Other than water, these include diet sodas and sugar-free beverages. Caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea are permissible only in three servings every day. This is because Medifast specialists are concerned the low calorie level may render your body more sensitive to caffeine.

Prohibited foods include fruits—you heard it right—alcohol, dairy, and grains.

A sample Medifast menu plan:

7 am: Medifast oatmeal

9 am: Medifast caramel nut bar

11 am: Medifast chili

2 pm: Medifast strawberry crème shake

For dinner, have three servings of vegetables, plus 5-7 oz of a “lean,” “leaner” or “leanest” protein. Cap the day with a Medifast chocolate pudding

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Experts weigh in the Medifast Diet Plan

One-thousand and two-hundred calories are the least you should consume for optimum nourishment every day. If you descend beyond this figure, you may be getting deficits worthy of doctors’ attention. In fact, dietitians agree that the Medifast diet should be followed under the supervision or at least with the approval of a health care professional.

Then again, the Medifast diet is a far more practical alternative to undergoing weight loss surgery. The latter should only be considered as a desperate measure. Granted, you may have to undergo one surgical procedure, but you still need to eat a calorie-controlled diet and get plenty of exercise afterwards.

Medifast plans can burden you once you go off it. You are advised to find real-life substitutes for the meal replacements. This is an uneasy task because you need to control their portions yourself, unlike replacements which have been prepared beforehand by the company.


All the guesswork has been removed for you by the Medifast program. You may gravitate towards it because with it, you only have to worry about preparing one healthy meal for the day.

Medifast could work for obese and overweight patients when paired with a physician’s supervision and the help of a good appetite suppresant. If your heart is really set into it, you may stomach well the drastically reduced meal options. Equally important, you must be prepared not to go back to your former habits once you have stopped the program.

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