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For many, it has become a challenge to maintain a normal body weight. Exercises and healthy eating choices that is long supported by the medical community has been designed to help the patients to to achieved the body weight that is ideal and desired. Though, one has achieved the normal body weight, staying healthy and free from disease is more complicated than achieving the ideal weight as shown in a recent evidence. A condition called normal weight obesity has been detected in more than half of these people who have ideally achieved their ideal body weight.

Normal Weight Obesity

What is normal weight obesity? People with normal BMI or body mass index with high percentage of body fat is people with normal weight obesity. Normal weight obesity can be determine by looking at both BMI and body fat percentages to define the obesity criteria condition. If you are a man and have body fat percentages of greater than 20%, you are considered to be diagnostic with normal weight obesity. If you are a woman, the percentages is at 30% before you are diagnostic with this condition.

Why does keeping your body check with body fat is important? Normal weight obesity is important since people with normal body weight but with a high body fat percentage is at higher risk of catching heart disease. Due to the metabolic syndrome development, the risk increases of not just for heart diseases but also to a type 2 diabetes. Normal weight woman with a normal weight obesity were had 4 times increased of developing heart disease than woman with normal weight and normal body fat percentage condition. They also had 3 times increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome when compared to the other woman too.

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Body Fat Percentages

By using a simple set of calipers available online, body fat percentages can be measured.

Scales that can measure both boy weight and body fat percentage is also available. Though the online calipers accuracy is questionable, the special scales also have many accuracy variance. Besides this 2, body fat percentages can be done at health clubs and certain medical facilities. You can even do your own check! Pinch your waistline and see if you can pinch more than 1 inch. If you do, you can qualify yourself for normal weight obesity and get those body fat percentages in check.

With diet and regular physical activity, many of the risk of normal weight obesity can be reduced. Calorie reduced diet, proven to work fat burning diet pills, together with a regime of fat burning aerobic exercise and several strength training helps reducing the body fat percentages. Together, the risk associated with normal weight obesity is also reduced when the body fat percentage is reduced. Feeling healthy is great and keep that fat in check at all times.

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