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Phen375 vs Hydroxycut Comparison
Phen375 and Hyrdoxycut are two of the most popular weight loss products in the market today. But in terms of safety and effectiveness, they are leagues apart. Their composition is also not the same; Phen375 is synthetically manufactured, while Hydroxycut is derived from herbs.

For some time, Hydroxycut became trendy as an appetite suppressant, captivating many consumers looking for a “natural” solution to their weight woes. Then in 2009, tragedy struck. A teenager in the States died of liver failure, apparently caused by taking too much Hydroxycut. This is just one of 20 cases of health conditions associated with taking Hydroxycut, as compiled by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Among others, the FDA has received complaints of seizures, cardiovascular problems, and jaundice resulting from liver damage. Other complaints include a muscle condition called rhabdomyolysis, which could worsen into kidney failure and other life-threatening health concerns. So it came to be that Hydroxycut was banned.

Hydroxycut reformulated

Hyrdoxycut has since gotten new life with a new look and a new formulation. Once again, Hydroxycut is available like never before. Today, Hydroxycut is sold in many forms, including liquid caplets, rapid-release caplets, caffeine-free caplets, drink packets, caffeine-free drink packets, liquid shots, and ready-to-drinks. In any event, Hydroxycut in its original formulation is no longer sold.

This new range of Hydroxycut products is still derived from plants, for the most part. One popular type of Hydroxycut supplement is derived from the extracts of the fruit known as garcinia cambogia and combined with gymnema sylvestre and other herbal concoctions. According to manufacturers, garcinia cambogia contains hydroxycitrate acid, which acts as a carbohydrate-blocker in the body. Another type of Hydroxycut product uses calcium and potassium, obviously a nod to studies showing their ambiguous properties leading to weight loss; this type of Hydroxycut product also contains chromium, said to regulate insulin. Yet another kind of Hydroxycut, marketed under the Muscle Tech brand, makes use of green tea leaf extracts. Muscle Tech pegs the making of the product on researches showing how the caffeine in green tea increases metabolism and glucose disposal. A typical Hydroxycut tea product offers around 200 mg of caffeine.

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About Phen375 diet pills

In recent months, Phen375 diet pills have emerged in conversations around healthy lifestyle-loving communities. Many have been asking: Could this be the “it” pill to eliminate fat concerns once and for all? Working chiefly as an appetite suppressant, Phen375 a.k.a. Phentermine375 purportedly

  • elevates one’s metabolic rate
  • improves the body’s glucose metabolic rate, catalyzing the body’s fat-burning processes even faster
  • increases thermogenic rate

As a result, Phen375 users report improvements in lean body mass, even sex drive. To more and more consumers, Phen375 has become the diet pill to covet, the best alternative to drastic surgical procedures.

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Synthetic or herbal?

Despite its reformulated reappearance, Hydroxycut is not completely off FDA’s hook yet. Scientists still regard the product suspiciously, especially when its initial run entailed a death toll. On the contrary, the very first outing of Phen375 went without a snag; hundreds of consumers reported no debilitating effects from taking the very first shipment of the product. Better yet, Phen375 is currently manufactured in a pharmaceutical facility duly registered under the FDA.

Granted, herbal supplements have some effect on weight loss. In fact, the new Hydroxycut products are somewhat safe to take, with some side effects. However, telling potent herbal supplements apart from ineffective ones is impossible. A herbal supplement’s potency is only as good as the quality of its growing ingredients, which varies from one area to another. Also, its potency depends on the refinement methods used to make the product, which are also variable. To top it all, these problems are exacerbated by the fact that there are a plethora of products today marketed under the Hydroxycut name.

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There is also the question of price. For a herbal supplement, Hydroxycut is quite the expense. One may as soon drink cheap green teas sold in supermarkets. They offer virtually the same health benefits. As for the vitamins in Hydroxycut, one may as well take supplements inexpensively sold over the pharmacy counter.

With the original formulation of Hyroxycut out of the question, Hydroxycut just appears inferior to Phen375. By virtue of being synthetically produced, the latter undergoes more sophisticated refinement processes than the former. Phen375 is sold mainly as a pressed tablet, whose formulation requires synthetic substances produced under immense scrutiny in an FDA-supervised facility.

One death is enough. Consumers would rather prefer a product free of side effects. In this sense, Phen375 tops Hydroxycut as – if not the best – the safest weight loss product in the market nowadays. One can take Phen375 for as long as he or she pleases, partly because it has no side effects, and partly because unlike so many other weight loss products, it is not addictive.

Yet even the most effective weight loss pill makes no difference if the user doesn’t follow a healthy lifestyle. If one just takes Phen375 and couples it with a “killer” exercise program, obesity would not stand that much a chance. Health conditions like obesity, as it turns out, are no less deathly in the long run than dangerous herbal supplements.

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