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People diagnosed with diabetes should follow the right diet plan. Eating the right combination of foods has a major role in diabetes management. Special diet for diabetics is designed to control blood sugar levels and reduce the need to take prescription drugs. By doing so, diabetes can be prevented from progressing. Other complications like hypertension, heart disease and cancer are also prevented. Diabetics should know what are the foods to eat and avoid to better manage their blood sugar level.

A special diet for diabetics usually includes a myriad of foods like lean meat, beans, low-fat dairy products, fruits, poultry, whole grains and vegetables. There are several factors to be considered when selecting foods for diabetics. They include carbohydrate level, glycemic index and food index.

The amount of carbohydrates is an important factor to consider when preparing special diet for diabetics. People with diabetics should be aware of the amount of carbohydrates in each food they eat to keep their glucose level in check. The total amount of carbohydrates from all foods consumed within the day should be summed up. The nutrition labels of packaged foods should also be examined carefully to know their carbohydrate content.

Diabetics need to combine foods with high and low amount of carbohydrates so as to prevent themselves from being hungry due to lack of carbohydrates. Diabetics need to consume no more than 65 grams of carbohydrates per meal. People with diabetics can consult their physician or dietician on possible sources of carbohydrates.

Food exchange lists are helpful in managing the amount of carbohydrates in diabetics’ diet. Food substitution will also add variety to diet. For instance, a half cup of vegetables can substitute for a cup of salad or vegetable juice. For diabetics, food substitution should focus on carbohydrates and sugar. Refer to the food pyramid model for diabetics to know what other foods are recommended for you.

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Foods with low glycemic index reduce the rate at which the blood sugar can build up in the blood stream. Balance your diet to keep your glucose level within the normal range. Glycemic index is an indicator of how much carbohydrates a food has. Foods for diabetics must have low GI in order to prevent a sudden rise in their glucose level. Low GI foods should be taken with protein-rich foods and those with low fat content.

Choose the right combination of foods to better manage diabetes. Avoid starchy and sugary foods. Know what foods to eat and stick to your diet to keep your diabetes from worsening. Meal schedules should also be followed strictly. Observe healthy eating habits whatever the nature of your work is.

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