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You would really find everything easy in the Zone, a utopian place where you can revel in “feeling alert, refreshed, and full of energy.” Definitely one of the more wildly popular diets around, the Zone Diet was introduced to the global public with the publication of the bestselling book Enter the Zone by Barry Sears and Bill Lawren.

Sears describes the Zone as a “metabolic state in which the body works at peak efficiency.” It works to reduce your weight by apportioning your diet into a set ratio of 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein, and 30 percent fat. You would get health corollaries in addition to faster metabolism as a result, like the capability to nip diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension in the bud – if the warm testimonials by the Zone dieters are anything to go by.

Sears and Lawren are running against the medical grain with the Zone, which denounces low-protein, low-fat, high-carbohydrate models to be faulty. Such diets, say the authors, cause potentially fatal conditions like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Sears in fact dips at length about disease’s connection to dieting in a later book, The Anti-Inflammation Zone.

How the Zone Diet Works

Enter The Zone is the indirect result of 15 years spent by Sears – a scientist – researching bio nutrition. He has come to theorize that you can contrive your diet to curb the pancreas’ secretion of the hormone insulin, which functions to store sugar as fat. Glucagon, the opposite of insulin, draws this fat out of storage if the body requires it for energy. You reach the Zone if you could strike a balance between these two hormones.

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Do this by minding the kind of food you eat and its size. You should reckon food not as the provenance of calories but “a control system for hormones.”

Enter The Zone is littered with stories of dieters who did as they were told by the authors and consequently lost weight. Yet it is sorely missing mentions of third-party researches that could duplicate Sears’ findings.

What you can eat on the Zone Diet

According to Sears, you are born to follow the ratio of 40-30-30 for a healthy weight. He is notably strict about upholding this rule.

Don’t fret if you don’t know exactly how much. Sears would take you first through a crash course on assessing your protein requirements relative to your age, size, and physical activeness. Once you know your protein requirements, you can easily determine those for fats and carbohydrates.

Protein the size of your palm should do for each meal. Your carbohydrate intake should be twice this size.

Fiber-dense vegetables (excluding carrots) and fruits (excluding mango, papaya, and banana); whole grains; lentils; and beans should be your top-priority choices for carbs. Favor less bread, pasta, brown rice, pasta, dry breakfast cereal, bagel, tortilla, and fruit juices. Should you have them, eat in smaller portions.

Olive and canola oils; avocados; and macadamia nuts are the kinds of fat available in the Zone. Saturated fats are misfits in contrast, although, most remarkably, the Zone diet does not rule out high-fat desserts. The authors contend that fat tempers the digestion of carbohydrates. Nonetheless, they recommend no more than half a cup of a high-fat dessert.

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Dairy goods are not excluded from the Zone. If Sears were you, he would opt for reduced- to non-fat milk and cheese.

Experts weigh in The Zone Diet

Zone is fairly easy to infiltrate. From their perches outside the Zone, dietitians and nutritionists give props to Sears for making everything easy to remember for dieters.

But they keep their unconditional admiration in check until Sears finds more studies to directly vindicate his own, which are otherwise not too outrageous. Even Sears’ colleagues feel apprehensive about the scientific weight of the Zone. They contend that his basic research does not cohere with some of his conclusions, which tend to be exaggerated.

It is also noteworthy that the Zone theory zeroes in too much on the mechanisms surrounding glucose in the blood. It takes little stock of other weight reduction factors like the calorie density of food.

Some passages in the Zone could also be polarizing, like Sears’ approval of high-fat ice cream, with all its saturated fat. He claims it cannot hike up your glucose to precarious levels.


This eating plan is a no-frills approach to that most elusive of goals: a healthy weight. It does not take a rocket scientist to apply the 40-30-30 Zone ratio to a typical meal. You do not have to memorize any other number in fact. The scope of permitted foods in the Zone is also wide enough for comfort.

Several dieters testify that Zone works best when paired with highly effective and safe weight loss pills like Phen375.

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