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Before becoming Oprah’s fitness consultant, Dr. Phil McGraw paid his dues as a counselor to overweight and obese people. Now the straight-talking psychologist is using his superstar status to advise millions more through his books.

He has a new book out titled Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. The trade secrets, the advices, and the wisdom he has dispensed over the years are said to be all here.

Dr. Phil’s seven keys are for your introspection. With them, you would be able to unlock perceptions of yourself that even you may not know about. You would then trade any negative perception for more positive, life-affirming ones.

Dr. Phil. believes weight loss begins in the mind. To him, the ultimate weight loss solution is making a change within, re-evaluating your goals, and aspiring for your “get-real weight.” This means a goal weight that is attainable and realistic, factoring in your age and genes.

When you have settled your internal issues, Dr. Phil would teach you how to replace bad habits with better ones. He would also teach you how to combat emotional eating. Above all, he would point you to healthy foods, i.e. those which offer high nutrition for fewer calories, those that cannot be eaten fast.

Dr. Phil’s weight solution is incomplete without broaching the subject of physical activity. He would teach you how to integrate it in your life, lest you lose control of your weight.

True to form, his weight solution requires you to build a network of support. Like the psychologist that he is, Dr. Phil believes changes in behavior succeed only when you surround yourself with people who can cheer you to the task.

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How Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution works

Sometimes willpower is not enough to make you reduce weight. According to Dr. Phil, if you peg your weight loss aspirations on willpower, you would be heartily disappointed. Willpower is unpredictable and ephemeral. Dr. Phil’s seven keys are based less on it than “programming,” which entails making small lifestyle changes in your life.

Here then are the 7 keys to weight loss freedom according to Dr. Phil:

  1. Chuck negative thought patterns and have faith in your success. When you’ve done this, you have already opened the first door to overcoming your weight troubles.
  2. Choose to cut the vicious cycle of emotional eating that has propagated your weight struggles. Do not allow yourself to use food to alleviate depression, stress or anxiety. Modify the way you react to life so you would vanquish the eating habits those reactions have bred.
  3. Surround yourself with a so-called “no-fail environment.” Program your environment so that you would be physically and emotionally far away from binge foods.
  4. Be the captain of your body. That is, get rid of the habits that make you overeat. It only sounds easy but Dr. Phil would make this very clear to you.
  5. Eat High-Response Cost, High-Yield Foods.
  6. Be sure to “intentionally” exercise. Regular physical activity is the key to opening body control. When you have gained body control, you essentially turn yourself into a machine designed to lose weight and keep it off.
  7. Enter a support circle. You cannot lose weight on your own. You get by with a little help from friends, family, acquaintances, and even complete strangers who can help you become the best of whoever you are.
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Towards these ends, you may encounter lots of self-quizzes, charts, and case studies in the book
. It may also advise you to keep a journal to track your progress.

If you realize you’ve tried all these in vain, seek medical attention. Some conditions are known to hamper weight loss. For example, thyroid problems are known to interfere with bodily processes.

What you can eat in Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution

Dr. Phil could not place enough importance on “High-Response Cost, High-Yield Foods.” He refers to very nutritious food (high-yield) that usually require a great deal of preparation and cannot be quickly eaten (high-response cost). They are the direct antithesis of processed or convenience food.

Colorful vegetables, with the exception of starchy variants, and fruits are the usual suspects as high-yield food. Whole grains are also high-yield food and so are lean meat, eggs, fish, legumes, tofu, non-fat dairy, soy products, and green tea. Dr. Phil also classifies soup as high-yield food, if only because it takes time to eat it.

Dr. Phil encourages eating meal replacement food and beverages if you’re on the go. They are sure to have the right proportion of nutrients even as you find yourself too busy to fix yourself a full meal. Just don’t exchange real meals for them too frequently.

Here’s a sample menu for the day. For breakfast, you may have a small veggie-filled omelet, grits, and half a grapefruit. For lunch, you may dine on lettuce-and-tomato salad, salmon, and brown rice. For dinner, you may have roasted lean beef or chicken, spinach, and baked yam. Snack on fruits, vegetables, non-fat dairy products, or meal replacement foods.

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Whichever menu you decide to have, always eat in the correct proportions. Take your time in chewing your food.

Steer clear of Dr. Phil’s “Hit List of Weight-Gaining Behaviors.” One such behavior is drinking plenty of beer once a week, which can lead you to gain pound after pound within months. Alcohol is known to tamper with the body’s utilization of vitamin B.

Go for a 360-degree turn whenever you are tempted to behave this way. Strength-train at the gym instead, for example.

Experts weigh in Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution

Dr. Phil’s weight solution has earned applause for recommending truly healthy food in accordance with 2005 Dietary Guidelines. In line with America’s leading dietitians and nutritionists, Dr. Phil recommends nutrient-dense food, rich in fiber and never processed.

Top medical professionals also extol the long-term eating habits advocated by Dr. Phil for weight loss and overall health. His is a diet plan that can be carried out in the long term.

Dr. Phil’s integration of cognitive behavioral therapy into weight reduction is definitely venerable. Doctors are of the opinion that weight loss begins with attitude changes.


Dr. Phil put into words what scores of others could not: the critical link between eating and thinking. Obesity and overweight have a direct provenance in the way people think, whether consciously or not.

His book urges you to introspect yourself and find the notions and thoughts you have used to keep yourself fat. Exercise, eat nutritious food in the right portion, take fat burning diet supplements, and read up on Dr. Phil’s book. This seems like the best formula for slimming down.

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